Open Arms

Day 23~

There’s nothing like being in the arms of a loved one….. or being the arms that are loving another!

I’m so grateful for my arms.  I’m grateful I can hold my loved ones with them. I use them to carry so many things and do so many things.  I already posted about my hands, but really, without my arms it would be hard to do all I do with my hands!hugs and arms

Let’s see…. let’s think of some of the things we do everyday using our arms (and hands, since they are attached).  Push ourselves up out of a chair, help ourselves with bathroom needs, get ready for the day, cook, clean, play piano, drive, exercise, play sports, crafting, creating, gardening, typing, working, serving…… I could obviously go on!  We all use our arms and hands for different things, so the list could be extensive.  Point being…… that we use them pretty much every hour of every day!

But for me, probably one of the most rewarding and satisfying ways to use my arms is to love someone.  Hugging my husband, holding my grandbaby…. those are some of the things that mean the most in life!

This is the time of year when most of us are blessed to spend time with family and friends.  A time to be thankful for them and a time to use our arms to hug them!

Let’s show some gratitude for our arms and see how many hugs we can give this Thanksgiving week!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?


Hey…. 98.6!

Wow….. sitting in a cold theater, or restaurant makes me grateful for my own body heat!  How cold would I be without it?  Yowza.

My husband will tell you that I’m always cold.  Which seems to be true.  Let’s just say when I’m freezing, he’s comfortable.  I think that’s kind of a woman vs. man thing.  At least that’s the excuse I use.  But it seems to get worse as I get older.

Even though at times I’m colder than I like, I’m grateful for means to keep my body temperature at an endurable level.  Thank heavens for coats, jackets, shoes and hats!  And on the flip side of temperature…. thank heavens for air conditioning!  body thermal

But even without all that stuff…. our bodies are made to try and regulate our body heat to stay within certain boundaries.  Unless we are in extreme temperatures, it does it’s best to regulate itself.  After all, isn’t that what sweat if for?  To cool us off after our bodies have been heated up?  It does it’s best to give us warning signs that we are overheated or getting cold.  Then it’s up to us to do what we need to to help it along.

Thermoregulation.  That’s the technical term.  I’m grateful for my body heat!  And I understand new technology is being developed to use our own body heat to charge our electronic devices!  Now that’s just crazy….. but how handy could that be?  Check it out here.  Who knew it would ever come to that?  Certainly not me!!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?


High Zygomatic Bones

Day 21~

Wow.  This one is kind of vain, I guess.  I can’t seem to find a lot of information on what cheekbones are actually for…. other than the structure of our face, which again is another thing that makes us each unique.High-Cheekbones

I guess, in considering what I like about my body, being grateful for things that I naturally have that help to make me look more attractive is an OK thing to state.  It just seems like cheekbones is a funny thing to pick!

I have been told over the years that I have high cheekbones.  Here’s what Wikipedia has to say:

“High cheekbones refers to the zygomatic bones in the face of primates, which in certain individuals may be more pronounced than others, causing the upper part of the cheeks to jut out and form a line cut into the sides of the face. High cheekbones, forming a symmetrical face shape, are very common in fashion models and are considered a beauty trait.[1] High cheekbones develop with maturity and are a sign a woman is old enough to be capable of reproduction.[1] According to Cartwright, in males prominent facial features such as high cheekbones and a strong jaw and chin are a sign of a high level of testosterone and are considered attractive physical traits in many cultures.[2]”

So I guess I like my zygomatic bones!  (LOL  Sounds like I’m bragging about ‘Greased Lightning’!)  But I think I’m long past that reproduction phase they mentioned in the definition…..

cameo sketch
This is a sketch of myself and the women I sing with. I’m in the center. As you can see, the artist felt my cheekbones were very pronounced and sketched it as such.

Though I’ve never thought myself to have really pronounced cheekbones, I do try to make them more pronounced when I apply my makeup.  You can see by the sketch I attached, that the friend that drew this saw my cheekbones as quite pronounced!  (I’m the one in the center)  Though this was drawn several years ago, I don’t think we’ve changed much.  (wink wink….)

I’m grateful to have another feature on my face that I feel makes me attractive.  But from now on, I’m calling them my zygomatic bones!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?

Who’s Fingerprint Sherlock?

Day 20~

While our face is the way most people recognize us, it can be altered or changed to make us look different.  One distinguishing factor on our bodies that cannot be changed is our fingerprints.  It is one way that we can be identified if all other ways have been extinguished.sherlock

For criminals…. fingerprinting may not be something they like.  Criminal investigators have been lifting fingerprints from crime scenes for many years.  But for the rest of us, they can be a blessing!

The newer technology allows the use of fingerprints to open our devices and keep them safe from use by other people (unless of course they know your code).  I find this a wonderful feature when using my new iPhone.  (I only wish my iPad had the same thing on it because I keep my finger on the start button for a few seconds before I realize that I’m not on my phone and that I need to type my security code.)  Many businesses use this technology as security for entrance into parts or all of their business locations.

I’m grateful for my fingerprints…. that I can use it for security purposes on my devices, and as a unique way to identify me.  A few years ago when I was a substitute teacher, I had to have a background check done on me and as part of that, they took my fingerprints.  I suppose they are in police records now, but that could be a good thing if anything horrific were to every happen to me!fingerprint art

Besides….. haven’t you ever seen finger print art?  It looks like it could be fun and entertaining!  Just google fingerprint art and you’ll be amazed at the things people have done!

Now aren’t your grateful for your fingerprints?

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?

Neck and Shoulders

Days 18 & 19

An unexpected invitation for an activity last night took me away from getting my post done on time again….. so I’m combining two things again today…. and I’m doing it early!  🙂getty_rf_photo_of_child_on_mans_shoulders

The other day I posted about how grateful I am for my head.  Well, if it wasn’t for my neck and shoulders….. my head would have nothing to hold it up!

Besides holding up my head….. my neck can hold little (or big) arms around it for a hug!  Have you heard the statistics about how important hugging is to your mental state?  If not, read my post about that here.  And be sure and pass around the hugs when you do!  Though my neck can hold beautiful jewelry of all kinds too….. hugs are much more valuable!hug around neck

Sometimes we can feel the weight of the world on our shoulders, but often, we can offer our shoulders as a place for someone else to rest their head, to lean on us when they need to.  I know many times I have found comfort from loved ones there, particularly my husband.

Our shoulders are a place our little ones love to ‘ride’ on!  And often, it’s easier to carry them there than in your arms for a long time.  As the song says… “He Ain’t Heavy… He’s My Brother”

I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to carry little ones on my shoulders and get hugs around the neck from both big and little people.  And that I could be a shoulder to lean on as well as have many shoulders to lean on.Never-be-afraid-to-help-others-in-their-time-of-need.-You-never-know-when-you-may-need-that-shoulder-to-lean-on

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?








And just because I mentioned the song…..  I have to share this video.  I adore the Osmond Family and I love this clip from their 50th Anniversary special because it includes the oldest two brothers, Verl and Tom signing the song.  I hope you enjoy it.


I’m Keeping My Head!

As I seem to be struggling to think of 30 things about my body….. I realized that I have left off a pretty important one!  My Head!

I’ve mentioned many body parts that are in or on my head…. but I seem to have forgotten about just my head!SILHOUETTE HEAD

Our heads house some of the most consciously useful parts of our bodies.  While it’s true that all our organs and parts are important and do their jobs quietly and pretty much unnoticed…. our heads house body parts that we are more aware of everyday.  Our eyes, nose, mouth, ears, brain, etc…..  things we use everyday, every minute, but are more conscious of since we eat, talk, smell, see and think all the time.  With all those parts put together, it is also our own unique way of how we are visually identified.  And because that is how people recognize us, much more primping goes on to the head and it’s many parts than any other part of the body.

So I think I’ll keep my head…… (smirk) since I hopefully use it everyday.  (Some days more wisely than others).  I’m grateful for my head and that it houses so many important things and does so quite nicely. 

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?

The Thigh Bone’s Connected to the Hip Bone…..

I’m not a big fan of the scary kinds of things at Halloween time.  I much prefer the cutesy stuff.  So you most likely won’t see a scary skeleton on my front porch…. (though I have to confess, I do have a few small cute skeletons as decorations I just remembered…. but they have cute happy faces on them).  So cross bones and skulls and the eery stuff isn’t my thang.  There’s enough scary stuff in life without making Halloween one of them!

Though I don’t like to promote the scary stuff at Halloween….  a human skeleton replica in the doctors office is a completely different thing!  That’s for educational purposes only.  And that…. I’m OK with.skeleton

Our skeletal system is quite amazing.  As is the whole body as you start to study it!  (I just realized this 30 day challenge would probably be much easier for someone in the medical profession!)

Our skeletal system is our protector, our supporter and the thing that is able to help our body move!  Just think about it.  How could the rest of our body have support without it?  It holds everything up.  It also protects the organs inside our body…..and protects our brain, a most important job.  With all of it’s connections, both to each other and tendons, we are able to move!  Yeah…. our bones are pretty cool.

There’s so much more our bones do that I won’t go into here….. let’s just say, I’m grateful for mine!  They’ve held me up through thick and thin…. and thick and thin…. and…. oh, you know what I mean!

I often search the internet for information when I blog.  This site was very helpful and informative in an easy way to understand.  I would recommend sharing it with children in your life if they are looking for information on the skeletal system, or even if they’re not!  Let’s teach them to be grateful for their skeletal system, cause that pretty much gets down to the basics of our body.

‘Dem bones, ‘dem bones!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?


(I couldn’t get this video to embed. but if you go to this link you can see it.)   If you skip to :46 you can see one of my favorite dances that Utah’s Odyssey Dance Theater does for their Thriller show at Halloween!  Now these skeletons I like!  (Please excuse the news reel going at the bottom)


Love My Blood Cleaning System

Day 14 and 15~

Once again….. I let the day get away from me yesterday!  Goodness, it’s amazing how life happens and the day is over before you know it!

Wow…. this is getting harder, but I have to say, that while I’m stretching to find body parts to be thankful for…. things I most likely would have NEVER posted about before this 30 day challenge….. I am learning a lot about my body!  I feel a little bit like the little lady in the story about the Glazed Brick and the Ants.  I just keep learning!

So since I need two things again today, I thought I’d do two related organs….. my Kidneys and my bladder!

Wow… our kidneys are rather important!  A definition from WebMd says: “The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that extract waste from blood, balance body fluids, form urine, and aid in other important functions of the body. They reside against the back muscles in the upper abdominal cavity. They sit opposite each other on both sides of the spine.” says: “Think of your kidneys as an extremely sophisticated, waste disposal system, which sorts non-recyclable waste from recyclable waste, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while also cleaning your blood. Much of this waste is produced by the body as it processes the food you eat.” urinary-system-diagram

It’s our blood purification system!  Man am I grateful mine work well!  And I’m even more grateful that I’ve never had Kidney stones…..  I’ve seen loved ones go through that pain and I’m very grateful I’ve never had to.  I need to be kinder to my kidneys though and get back on track with a better food regimen.

And where does that kidney waste go?  Yup…. your bladder!  So of course, I’m grateful for my Bladder!  There are times I could argue that….!  I’ve been accused of having a Tiny Weeny Bladder (TWB) at times and there are times I would agree!  Other times…. not so much.

Again, from “Your kidneys are master chemists of the body, intervene in many processes and balances in the body and control many vital body functions. The major role of the kidneys is to remove waste from the blood and eliminate it in the urine. To remove this waste and extra water, blood enters the kidney through the renal artery; blood is then cleaned in the kidney as it passes through tiny filters called nephrons.

Yeah, kidneys and bladder…. my urinary system!  I’m grateful both of these systems work well for me and I pray I never have to experience them not doing so!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?


You want to learn more about your kidneys and bladder?  Watch this short video and a series of more if you want

It Tastes Delectable!

Did you know the average person has around 10,000 taste buds in their mouth and throat?  Although, according to, the number of taste buds peaks in early childhood and declines throughout our lives.  Which may explain why little ones don’t like the taste of some things when they are little and yet grow into the flavor as they get older.  At least I know that’s how I was!

My taste buds have matured over the years and there are many foods that I enjoy now that I didn’t before.  Or, perhaps, I’ve tried foods in my adult life that I wouldn’t have before.  But then, for me personally, my taste buds are sensitive to spicy foods!  Just ask my family!200477641-001

Whenever we are out in public, let’s say for instance at Costco….. I always have to ask if the food I am sampling is spicy if I’m the least bit suspicious that it might be.  Invariably, the person passing out the sample says, “Oh… it’s not bad.  Maybe a little kick” or “No… it’s not spicy at all”.  Luckily my husband is usually with me when we shop, so I make him try it first because he KNOWS that I can’t handle spicy foods.  And…. invariably, He’ll say…. “It’s not too bad, but it’s too spicy for you!”  I’m grateful I have him there to ‘preview’ the taste for me!

But most other tastes, I enjoy.  Except maybe bitter.  Well… that’s probably not really even a safe thing to say either because I have tasted other things I didn’t like before.  But isn’t is wonderful that we can determine what we like and what we don’t like to taste? Another marvel of the body!

There are four main tastes we detect with our taste buds, sweet, salty, bitter and sour.  And apparently, a new taste they are now calling Umami, being described as detecting savoriness.  Again, most of those tastes I enjoy, except bitter.  (I know I should love Grapefruit because it’s good for you, but I don’t.)   🙂

So today, I’m grateful for my tongue and tastebuds and all the good AND yucky tastes I can taste because of it!  Besides… our tongue is what we use to form our words with, so that’s another reason to be thankful!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?


My Esophagus!

Day 12~

Now this one may seem like a pretty strange body part for me to pick to be grateful for….. but the esophagus is the way our food gets to our tummy, keeps it from going down our windpipe and also from food coming back up from the stomach!  Now that’s something to be thankful for!

According to Wikipedia, “The word esophagus which derives from the Greek word oisophagos, which means “to carry to eat.”[1]”   I don’t think I’d like it if I didn’t have one!

esophagusNow, there is kind of a funny story attached to me picking my esophagus for gratitude that I wanted to share with you.

When our first son Jon was a baby, my husbands brother Dave was teaching him all about his body parts.  You know…. the regular stuff.  “Show me your nose, show me your eyes, etc, etc.”  One day to be funny he decided to teach Jon where his esophagus was!  It was all kind of a big joke, but it stuck and Dave would always ask him (when he was still little) where his esophagus was.  Since that time, I believe many family members learned where their esophagus was from Dave, including the rest of my kids!  And recently, I told my son that we will have to teach his new baby Benny about where his esophagus is.

So there you go…… now you know part of why I’m grateful for my esophagus!  But really, I do enjoy eating my food…. so I’m grateful my esophagus is one of the good functioning parts of my body to get it where it needs to go for nourishment.

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?