A Listening Ear

Today I sat with my Mom in her apartment at the Assisted Living Center as we visited with her neighbor.  As one would expect…. those who live in an assisted living center have health problems.

Today this neighbor just needed someone to talk to.  She was obviously dealing with a little depression.  In the course of our conversation, I learned that she suffers with Bi-polar disorder, along with many other problems.  It seemed as though she was headed for a low time in her mood.

She expressed her frustration in dealing with her illnesses…. which are many……  and felt a sense of sadness as she told us about how her children don’t seem to visit much for one reason or another.  Her husband is still well enough to live on his own.  I guess they sold their home they had for years…. which can be depressing in and of itself….  and he now lives in a condo, which means she doesn’t get to see him everyday.

She is lucky enough that he takes her to the condo once or twice a week and they can spend some time together there, living a little bit ‘normal’….. but she is still frustrated with her situation and was feeling a little lonely and needed someone to talk to today.

She’s been friends with my Mom for quite a while….. at least since my Mom has moved there.  My Mom has always been a friend to everyone she meets.  This lady has appreciated Mom’s friendship and feels like she is the only one she can really talk to about her frustrations.  I don’t think she even discusses them all with her own husband.

Today I felt like Mom and I were a sounding board for her.  A listening ear.  She started to get emotional a few times and I told her it was OK…  sometimes we just need to let it out so it doesn’t build up inside and cause more trouble.

I was grateful I was there when she came to visit.  I was glad to have the opportunity to be a listening ear for someone in need.  I hope she felt a little better when she left my Mom’s place today.  Hopefully just bouncing her feelings off a few listening ears relieved some of the stress she was feeling.

It also made me realize how important it is to not let little stupid things effect our relationship with our loved ones.  Particularly when they are old and need our love.  I hope her children can recognize her need to see and be with them before it’s too late!  We all need someone who we feels cares enough about us to listen to us… to be a friend and be there when you need them.

I grateful my Mom and I could be that for her today.

I am Grateful!  How are You?


Making a Difference

I hope you’ll indulge me today.  It’s a very special anniversary for me today.  I’m not here to offend anyone, or turn you off as a reader…. I just need to express my gratitude today for this amazing thing that happened in my life one year ago today.

I have great neighbors.  Neighbors who cared enough about me to share something with me a year ago that has made a tremendous difference in my life in many ways.  One year ago today, I became associated with a product called ASEA.

ASEA is something very new.  It’s not your typical product.  It’s not a juice or a Vitamin or a Mineral…..  This is an amazing discovery that is changing the health and wellness industry.  If you haven’t heard of it yet, I guarantee that you will….  sooner than you may think.    With in a few years, all Doctors will not be able to deny what it is doing for people.  We already have many Doctors who are introducing this into their practice because of the astonishing things they are seeing it help with.

Based on the Science of Redox Signaling, this product came to the forefront in a very unusual way.  The history of the company and how it all came about is a truly fascinating story.  It’s not something that I want to take a lot of time here to talk about, but I will post some videos for those of you that are curious.

ASEA has had a great impact on my health and the health of those around me.  I’ve seen it doing some pretty miraculous things to help people’s bodies get in balance so they can heal themselves.  Our bodies were made to do that, it’s just that the aging process makes our bodies more inefficient so they can’t take care of problems the way they did when we were young and healthy.

For me, personally, I have seen remarked improvement in my sleep, energy level and mental clarity….. to name a few.  I’ve also had improvement with some general weakness issues I was having that was causing me to come close to fainting a few times.  They are no longer.  My joint pain is slowly improving over time.  I’m sure there are many other things that it has done for me that I’m not even aware of.   After all….  when you get a cut or a scrape, can you ‘feel‘ it healing?  NO!  That’s why I’m sure it’s doing more for me than I will ever know.  If you understand the science behind Redox Signaling, you will understand why I make such a claim.  Most diseases in our bodies don’t even manifest themselves until they are at stage 2 or 3!  So who knows what I’m preventing!

ASEA doesn’t claim to be a cure or diagnosis for any problem or disease.  It only helps the body to balance itself out at the cellular level using the same molecules our body produces on their own…..  we just make less and less of them as we age, which is what causes our illnesses.  Now, with ASEA, we can restore those molecules to our body.

I just can’t ignore the one year mark with this remarkable product without expressing gratitude.  As I share it with more and more people, it becomes an ‘obligation’ to let others know about it.  How can I not share something with them that could possibly change their life?  I’ve never been involved with anything so fulfilling.  Helping another person get well is truly a blessing.  Finding a purpose and making a difference is very rewarding.

Do I think this can make a difference for you or someone you know and love?  Yes, I do!  While I recognize that not everyone will want to become involved with sharing the ASEA story…. I believe that everyone needs ASEA and/or  knows someone who needs it desperately.  I believe this is worthy of 10 minutes of your time to discover something that could change your life or the life of someone you love.

I’m grateful for my neighbors who introduced ASEA to me.  I’m grateful for what it’s done for my health and that of my family and friends.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to share such a unique product with the world.  I am truly blessed!

Thank you again, for your one time indulgence in letting me share my gratitude for this amazing product.

I am Grateful!  How are you?

For curious readers, check out this 10 minute video.  It will explain why this product is the most significant discovery of our time.

If that is interesting to you, you can watch this extended video with the Founders to see why they feel they have a mission to get this product to the world.  Why would 2 men from Corporate America come out of retirement?  You’ll see why.

If you want more information after viewing these videos, go to this website and look around: