What Time Is It? Time To Get Creative!

For those of you that follow my blog and have read the ‘About’ section on me…. you know that one of my hobbies is making jewelry.  Though I haven’t done it much for a while….  lately, thanks to being inspired by my talented friend Lyn…..  I got the urge to do it again!

This round all started by me wanting to make an interchangeable watch band similar to one that a friend of mine was wearing a few weeks ago.  I loved the color scheme and it seemed to be a bit Halloweeny…. ( though not completely…) and I wanted one to wear to church on Sunday.

I love these colors together!

So yesterday morning, I headed to the basement with all the extra trinkets I needed to put a watch band together….. expecting to be only 1/2 hour or so.   Several hours later I emerged from the basement with not only the watchband….. but a matching necklace and earrings!!  That was NOT in the plan for the day!  But I had SO much fun designing and making it!  It was actually quite relaxing from my everyday routine.  I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it.

I had plans a few years ago to kind of really get into the jewelry making hobby.  I was just really getting interested in it and wanted to learn more about it when my daughter lost her job.  In an effort to help her try to make some money…..  I suggested that she think about becoming a Lia Sophia representative.  I had a friend who was selling it and quite enjoying it.  At the time, her daughter was a Regional Manager for Lia Sophia.  Mandy and I met her for lunch one day and asked a few questions.

Mandy decided to give it a try….. though I must say….. it was really me wanting her to try more than her wanting it herself.  Her life was in a little bit of turmoil at the time that I wasn’t really aware of…. so I think she did it more to please me.  Of course…. she being a little short on money…. Mom paid for her starter kit and hosted her first party!    Which of course meant that I purchased even more jewelry!

It didn’t make much sense to me to pick up the hobby of jewelry making when my daughter was trying to sell a professional brand of jewelry.   So… the hobby kind of went on the back burner.  Though Mandy’s jewelry career was short lived….  I had other things enter my life that required more attention from me.  But my recent time with Lyn and all her cute Persnickety Things sparked the desire to be ‘creative’!

Here's another view showing the watch with one side unhooked. It's funny.... but the 'orange' beads aren't really orange.... they are more of a golden color.... but they sure look orange here!

So creative I was!  And it was a blast!  I’m grateful that I had a reminder of how much I enjoy doing it.  Though I have no intention of spending hours at jewelry making…. I would like to work in a couple of hours a week of fun with it!!  Then I’ll be left with the problem of trying to decide what to do with all my creations!

I am Grateful!  How are You?

Here’s a few more samples of my latest stuff.  I made Mother’s Necklaces for myself and my friend.

Here's what the names look like up close. They seem to show up better on a white background.
If you look close.... you can see the names of the kids in the square silver beads

Parade of Homes

I am a Parade of Homes junkie.  Is that kind of like being a member of AAA and admitting you’re addicted?  Cause I am.  Addicted that is….  To the Parade of Homes….. ALL of them.  Just ask my hubby.

It’s been 2 years since we went down the the St. George Parade of homes.  It was almost three this year….. but luckily my husband gave me the OK and I cleared a few things from our calendar and we were able to go…. which I’m grateful for.  I was starting to have withdrawals!

This is one of the homes we liked

The St. George Parade of Homes is the beginning of a long line of Parades that we attend each year.  I truly am addicted.  Why?  I’m not really sure.  Part of it, I’m sure, is the chance to dream big about what I would love to have in a home.  Part of it’s for decorating ideas.  Part of it is because I love to analyze floor plans and think about what parts of it would work in a home for me and what parts aren’t practical or sometimes just plain stupid!   After all these years of attending the Parade of Homes across the state…. I pretty much know what I want in my dream home.

There were a couple of homes in particular in the St. George Parade that we were very interested in.  So much so that we took a second look at each of them.  I love analyzing what changes we would make to ‘tweak’ the plan to make it work better for us.  I think being raised by a brick mason father and learning a little how blue prints work gives me a little edge over some people when it comes to reading a floor plan.  I get how they work and can see places that could possibly have changes made.  Sometimes the homes in St. George don’t put in basements… so we were looking at the floor plans of the two homes we liked trying to figure out where a stair case could go if we were to build our own and make that change.  Of course…. we figured out a way to do it!

I love the Parade of Homes because it give me the chance to dream…. plan….. and ideas to redecorate or decorate the dream home in my head!  What can I say?  It’s just something I do!  And, someday I WILL own a home in St. George…. just in case you were wondering!

I am Grateful!  How are you?