What’s the temp where you are right now?  Chances are …… pretty cold, right???  MAN… it’s cold out there!  I could make this post mentioning a dozen things regarding what I’m thankful for…. just related to warmth!

Last night as I went to bed I was chilly.  Very often I will throw an extra light weight blanket on my side of the bed. (My husband’s pretty much a furnace… I’m always cold!)  But last night after trying to get warm with the light weight blanket, I gave up and went for the big fuzzy warm one.

This is an ice castle in Midway, UT Now that's cold!

Slept nice and warm all night….. just a little crowded, however, cause Scooter likes the fuzzy blanket too.  Then tonight as I sit here, I cranked up the fire place to warm up the room and I still sit with a small blanket across my lap.  I do like being cozy.  I don’t like being hot though.  I have to be just right!  That’s not picky….. that’s just typical!

Today I really am beyond grateful to be sitting here in my nice cozy house being warm.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to not have anywhere warm to go right now.  I am truly blessed!

I am Grateful!  How are you?



Today I am grateful for heat!!  On this chilly December morning….. I woke to see shadows of smoke coming from neighboring houses’ chimneys.  I looked out to see the frost on the ground and it occurred to me that I am VERY grateful to be inside a nice warm cozy house where I can control the temperature to what is comfortable for me…. either by turning up the heat , flipping a switch to start a fire in the fireplace,or even wrapping up in a blanket or warmer clothes!  How lucky is that!  

I told my husband the other day while we were driving home  that I didn’t think I’d make a very good homeless person!  I DON’T like being cold!!  It sends shivers up my spine and makes my back ache!  So today….. I am grateful for heat.  I am grateful that I am blessed to be in a situation where I have control over that.

When you take a minute to realize the impact that something like heat has on you….. it brings to mind a LOT of other things to be grateful for that we just take for granted.  But I won’t expound on those today!  I still have 362 days to go!!

I am grateful!  How are you?