Good For A Laugh

Sometimes we seem to find the silliest things funny!  Have you ever had one of those moments when you experienced something that was so funny to you, but when you tried to explain it to someone else they didn’t think it was funny?  Yeah…. it becomes one of those “I guess you had to be there” moments!  I don’t know if this will seem like one of those moments to you…. but those of us that were there thought it was pretty funny.

First of all… let me set the stage.  We’ve been coming to the Senior Games in St. George now for quite a while.  My husband plays softball with a team of great guys and we have all become pretty good friends.  We used to stay in my Mom and Dad’s place when we came down to St. George.  They had a little park model home over in Washington.  After my Dad passed away, the family decided it was time to sell the place since Mom wouldn’t be coming down anymore on her own.   So, the last few years we’ve been renting a condo from my nephew’s business, St. George Vacation Rentals.  We decided it was actually cheaper to get one condo with 3 bedrooms and have some team members stay with us and split the cost.  That way we all got a better deal than a hotel and yet had the comforts of home.  It’s so much nicer!

Since we started doing that….. we’ve shared the condo with one team member and his wife in particular.  They’ve always brought their daughter with them and so took 2 of the 3 bedrooms, so it’s just been us and them.  Their daughter Janell is a great girl.  She uses this as her vacation time from work…. plus she loves sports so it gets her down here to watch her Dad play ball.  We get along with Janelle really well.  She’s always thought my husband was a great guy who also happened to be humorous.  We’ve shared some good times together…… some of those times being harassing each other.  That’s just the nature of it….. and it’s all in fun.

This morning…. after the guys had played 2 games, several of us decided we were hungry and went together to get something to eat.  There were 12 of us, so it was a pretty good sized party.  Mike and Trudy and Janell were sitting down at the same end of the table as John and I.  Janell ordered a Sprite to go with her meal.  When they brought her the Sprite, they also brought her a small pitcher full of Sprite for her refills.  I gave her a hard time about drinking that much Sprite….. you know… all the cliche’s… “You know that stuff will kill you, don’t you?”  She of course replied that she would never drink it all anyway.

As the meal progressed…. her Mom gave her a bad time by saying she wanted to put a straw in the pitcher and drink some of her Sprite.  Janell laughed but said “you leave my Sprite alone!”  In the meantime….. the waitress at  some point had brought a pitcher of water and set in on the table near the middle of the group, which meant it was quite a ways away from us since we were on the end.

All of a sudden… my husband reached across the table toward Janelle and grabbed her pitcher full of Sprite.   The four of us stared at him thinking he was teasing her about her drink and thought he was pretending to pour some in his glass to harass her.  Well….. he actually DID pour some in his water glass.  As we all sat there with shocked looks on our face at his audicity to take some of her drink…. it dawned on us that he had NO idea that it was Sprite!  He thought it was just a small pitcher of water!  He hadn’t heard me harass her earlier.  Then…. we laughed… and laughed.  You see…. the fact that we have known Janelle as long as we have….. we all assumed that he was just harassing Janelle.  The humor came when we realized that he had no idea what he’d done!  Then of course he laughed.  And yes…. it was pretty watered down and he doesn’t drink soda anyway!

We really had a good laugh about it.  For some reason….. the other end of the table didn’t find it quite as humorous as we did.  Oh…. they laughed at it…. but it just wasn’t quite as funny to them.  I’m sure the rest of the trip will be jokes to John about whether he would like some of Janell’s Sprite (or whatever else she’s drinking!) .

I love being a part of something unexpected and finding the humor in it.  It’s great fun and good for a laugh!  Oh… and in case you were wondering…. Janell wasn’t the least bit upset about it.  She laughed harder than the rest of us!  Also…. I guess if you didn’t find this story funny…. well…. “I guess you had to be there!!”

I am Grateful!  How are you?


Failed Recipes

How can I be grateful for failed recipes?  I mean really…. isn’t that just a waste of ingredients?  True….. it is a waste…. unless they aren’t a completely failed recipe…. BUT, what I am grateful for is now I know what NOT to do next time!

My Mom has this great recipe for Old Fashioned Oatmeal Cookies.  It’s always been a favorite of mine though it’s not one I’ve made very often over the years.  Probably because it take more time to make them this way.  You start by stirring several ingredients in a large pan, similar to a stock pan.

This is similar to what they SHOULD have looked like!

These ingredients come to a boil for a few minutes and then you let it all cool down.  It’s the cooling down that take the time.  After it has cooled down you add the rest of the ingredients and then it mix is ready to be shaped into cookies and baked.  Well…. I got the bright idea several months ago when I made them to try and turn them into a ‘cleaner’ version that the original.  Cleaner meaning healthier.  So… I made some substitutions and they turned out pretty good as far as I can recollect.  But, in tonight’s version, we decided to try just using our Blend Tec blender to grind the wheat instead of the big wheat grinder we have in our basement.  We had made some homemade whole wheat pancakes a while back using the Blend Tec to grind and mix the batter so we thought we’d give it a try.  NOT a good idea.  The flour was not ground very fine (perhaps we should have tried to process it longer….).  The result in the cookies is a very corse flour which gives the cookies a nutty kind of texture, verses the smooth texture that they should have been.  While they don’t taste awful, they aren’t my favorite and certainly nothing even similar to the cookies Mom used to make!   So…. tonight I’m grateful for learning from a small mistake that i don’t want to do it that way next time!  It’s a good thing I wasn’t making them for anyone but us!!

I am Grateful!  How are you?