A Birds Eye View

Oh my goodness!  Why has no one ever told me about the 3D feature on maps on my iPad mini?  Or….. maybe they have and I just didn’t listen…. or hear?  🙂

I know it’s a silly thing to be grateful for, but I had so much fun with it while we were traveling through Southern Utah today.  Do you know how awesome that feature is looking at Zion’s Park or the Grand Canyon?  It’s amazing!

My husband and I were discussing how much easier it would have been for the Pioneers if they’d had that kind of thing to look over the countryside and know which way was easiest to travel!  (giggle)  Thank heavens for those early explorers who mapped things out!

It’s so awesome to get a birds eye view without even being up there!grand-canyon-colorado-river

Today I’m grateful for technology that makes exploring this world a lot easier….. even if it’s virtual, it’s still pretty dang cool.

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?



The Grand View

My husband and I need to get in the position to do some major traveling….. sooner than later!

We are on our way to Phoenix for another week of softball!  We decided to take a different route than we did when we came down this way in August.  Thought it would be nice to see some different scenery.  And boy…. I’m glad we did!

Crossing the Grand Canyon.... just below Lee's Ferry

Since we were in St. George when we started the trip, we decided to come through Fredonia instead of up out of Page, AZ.  Taking the Fredonia route is actually a little bit shorter mileage wise but it takes a little longer because the road is windy and you are climbing a good portion of the time up to Jacob’s Lake.  But the route also takes you across the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon before it joins up with the regular Hwy 89 route.

The ride through the mountains to Jacob’s Lake was really lovely.  We were traveling with some friends who were pulling their RV and planned on stopping at Jacob’s Lake for the night.  We stopped with them for an hour or so and had some lunch and great conversation and then went on our way.

Out of Jacob’s Lake down into the valley is beautiful scenery!  The Vermillion Mountains are majestic and Red!  We took the opportunity to stop at the look out area when we crossed the bridge over the Grand Canyon.  What an amazing view!  Even more amazing was a sign there that said a group of pioneering people got several Ox to pull a wagon up that canyon!  Hard to believe!

The rest of the drive so far as been lovely too.  I was looking forward to passing through Flagstaff since I enjoyed it so much couple of month ago.  The rest of the trip will be made in the dark for now so we’ll have to enjoy this part of the scenery on the way home!

I really do enjoy traveling and seeing different parts of this beautiful country!  I’m so grateful when we get the chance to do it!

I am Grateful!  How are you?