Love My Blood Cleaning System

Day 14 and 15~

Once again….. I let the day get away from me yesterday!  Goodness, it’s amazing how life happens and the day is over before you know it!

Wow…. this is getting harder, but I have to say, that while I’m stretching to find body parts to be thankful for…. things I most likely would have NEVER posted about before this 30 day challenge….. I am learning a lot about my body!  I feel a little bit like the little lady in the story about the Glazed Brick and the Ants.  I just keep learning!

So since I need two things again today, I thought I’d do two related organs….. my Kidneys and my bladder!

Wow… our kidneys are rather important!  A definition from WebMd says: “The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that extract waste from blood, balance body fluids, form urine, and aid in other important functions of the body. They reside against the back muscles in the upper abdominal cavity. They sit opposite each other on both sides of the spine.” says: “Think of your kidneys as an extremely sophisticated, waste disposal system, which sorts non-recyclable waste from recyclable waste, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while also cleaning your blood. Much of this waste is produced by the body as it processes the food you eat.” urinary-system-diagram

It’s our blood purification system!  Man am I grateful mine work well!  And I’m even more grateful that I’ve never had Kidney stones…..  I’ve seen loved ones go through that pain and I’m very grateful I’ve never had to.  I need to be kinder to my kidneys though and get back on track with a better food regimen.

And where does that kidney waste go?  Yup…. your bladder!  So of course, I’m grateful for my Bladder!  There are times I could argue that….!  I’ve been accused of having a Tiny Weeny Bladder (TWB) at times and there are times I would agree!  Other times…. not so much.

Again, from “Your kidneys are master chemists of the body, intervene in many processes and balances in the body and control many vital body functions. The major role of the kidneys is to remove waste from the blood and eliminate it in the urine. To remove this waste and extra water, blood enters the kidney through the renal artery; blood is then cleaned in the kidney as it passes through tiny filters called nephrons.

Yeah, kidneys and bladder…. my urinary system!  I’m grateful both of these systems work well for me and I pray I never have to experience them not doing so!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?


You want to learn more about your kidneys and bladder?  Watch this short video and a series of more if you want


I’m Thinking…..

Day 6~

I decided that I need to start at the top and work my way down for the rest of the month.  I keep wondering if I can really come up with 30 things to be grateful for about my body.  Well… at least with out going inside my body!  And I don’t think I can!  So….. here we go!

The brain is an amazing thing!  It seems to control everything in our body.  I haven’t done a lot of studying about this amazing organ, but I do know that our bodies can’t really function without it.  brain

I’m grateful for my brain!  I’m grateful for a healthy brain.  I may forget some things now and then, (like why did I open the refrigerator?….),  but for the most part….. I’m pretty sure my brain is healthy!

Isn’t it amazing all the things we can process with our brain?  Really…. in a way… it kind of sums up everything about the body since it makes it all function properly.  I’ve heard it said that our brains really do retain everything we’ve ever learned,  that it stores it in the brain… it’s just our recall of those things that we aren’t always good at.  It’s like a library full of books.  You just have to know where in the library that ‘book’ is stored or filed when you want to recall something.

I’m always amazed when people remember things from the past so well and vividly.  I remember a lot of things, but it’s so strange to be talking to someone and have them describe a memory that you were a part of, but that you personally have no recollection of!  I often wonder why one person remembers it better than another.  Maybe they are better at filing their ‘books’ in the right place!

Regardless…. I’m grateful I can recall many things.  I’m grateful to be able to think, to be able to learn, to be able to walk and talk and all the other things my brain allows me to do.  As the attached video below says…. we really are our brains!

I Am Grateful! How Are You?


Little Old People Make Me Happy!

Oh boy….. what fun it is to talk to the little old men at my Mom’s Assisted Living place!  I was cracking up.

I took my Mom down to eat her lunch in the dining room this afternoon.  I got her all settled and was just watching some of the other residents as they came in.  It was interesting to see their faces and how they were feeling.  Some of them seemed cheerful…. others not so much.  The one cute lady at the table next to my Mom was helping to scoot the chairs in of the ladies that sit with her.  It was great.  I asked her if she needed my help to push her own chair in and she said… “No!  Oh…. not with my butt!”  I couldn’t help but giggle!  Just as a side note…. I’m pretty sure this was the same  little lady I ran into in the laundry last week that was confused about her own laundry and was trying to do my Mom’s laundry.  She’s as healthy as a horse…. but not so cognizant any more!  Cute and funny though!

Then I was standing there by my Mom helping her decide what to order for lunch and one of the little old men at the table next to hers pointed at me and motioned for me to come over there.  He said…. “I just got through shaving my face and I want you to feel what a good job I did!”  Again…. another giggle!  What a cutie.  He sits at a table with all men so a conversation began about shaving…. or not.  Another little man told me how he went to get his hair cut the other day (mind you… there isn’t much there to cut!) and the girl charged him $12 just to buzz his head!  Then he proceeded to tell me how he used to work for ZCMI in the clothing department and he had to be dressed up all the time.  He used to go get his hair cut in ZCMI for a lot less than that!  The first man told him that he was going to open up a barbershop of his own since he could shave himself so well, he would do it for the others.  “No way am I letting you shave me!” the other man said.  Of course, another man at the table with a full beard was just shaking his head.  It was pretty entertaining to watch.  Made my day.

It amazes me how much these people can be affected by their attitudes.  My Mom’s attitude is usually fairly cheerful…. but since she took a fall the other day…. she’s had on her ‘ornery pants’!  Being in pain can’t be fun, that’s for sure.  Perhaps that’s why I took such a delight in watching some of the other patrons being cheerful.

It’s a shame that more people can’t see the joy and fun that these people can be and give.  I don’t know how much each of these residents see their families… but I hope it is often.  They all have so much to teach us if we will only just watch and learn and listen.

I’m grateful that I have been available the last couple of days to come help my Mom.  Ornery pants and all….  I’m grateful to be able to visit with some of the other residents too.  I’m glad Mom is in such a wonderful place that gives her good care and is full of other cheerful residents.

I’ve always loved ‘old people’.  When my husband and I got married we lived in an area we considered to be the “Newlyweds or the Nearly Deads”.  There wasn’t much between our age group and the ‘older’ people in the neighborhood, so I became endeared to those older folks.  I truly loved them and was a little sad when we moved away.  (Ironically…. those ‘old’ folks were about the age of my husband and I right now!!  It’s all Perception!!)  Now those same people that I loved so much are dying off and in Assisted Living centers like my Mom.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… I’ve always loved older people and consider it a blessing to learn at their feet.  Maybe part of that comes from not having Grandparents as I grew up.  My Grandparents all passed by the time I was 9 years old, so I didn’t have anyone to turn to for wisdom and counsel as a young adult.  Regardless of what makes me feel that way…..  I know there is much to be learned from Little Old People!  So ‘turn up your Bell Tones’ and listen in!

I am Grateful!  How are You?

Discovering My Genius

Wow…. what an amazing weekend I’ve just been through!  I don’t know if you believe that things are put in our path for a purpose…  but I do.

I had the opportunity to attend the Genius Bootcamp this weekend.  This workshop is hosted by  ….  the website of Leslie Householder, author of The Jackrabbit Factor.  I was introduced to Leslie and her book back in September of last year.  Ever since reading it and discovering her website, I have wanted to attend one of these bootcamps.

Things don’t always work out like you would hope in order to do something like this…. but providence was on my side and made a way possible at the last minute to attend this bootcamp at an incredible price.  I am so grateful!

Not only did I learn a lot about myself these last few days…. I met some pretty amazing people that I know without a doubt that I was meant to meet.  Not only will many of these people help me in obtaining the goal that I focused on this weekend, but I feel I will have a continuing association with them for not only my benefit…. but the benefit of many other people.

It’s humbling to know that the Lord really knows and watches out for you…… especially when you are paying attention.  In fact, I guess that is why I was humbled…. I was paying attention!

I am so grateful for the things I’ve learned the last two days.  It gave me a chance to look inside myself for a while and realize a little of who I am and who I need to become.  I’ve known for a while that I’m a little scared of myself.  Perhaps that why I’m not good at praising myself and recognizing my strengths in other areas except the obvious ones to me.

Now, that may not make a lot of sense to you…. but I know my strengths where performing talents are concerned…. but when it comes to things outside of that…. I have a tendency to either not recognize it or shrug it off.  I’m in such desperate need of embracing my strengths and learning to use them to be a good influence on people!  I know I have more to give than I am currently giving.

I learned a lot about gratitude this weekend too.  It may seem odd for someone who has been blogging about gratitude for over a year now to ‘learn’ something about it….. but I did.

I am so grateful for the people who were put in my path today.  There wasn’t one person in that workshop today that I didn’t learn something from.  Though I connected on a much deeper level with a few of them…. I learned something from every person there.  What a fulfilling weekend!  It’s introduced me to other people that I feel I need to learn more from!  My book list to read and the workshops I want to attend have been added to tremendously.

I’m grateful that I have reached a point in my life that I have become the student who wants to learn so much and that the teachers are being put in my path!

I’m excited, though maybe a little scared, to pursue what is ahead of me.  To be able to learn what I need and desire to learn.  I just wonder why it took me so long to get here!  That is the one regret I have and even wonder at times if I’m too old to be pursuing some of these things!  But I guess the timing is right for me!

I hope for the sake of many of you, my readers,  that you may find that desire to find your full potential now… a much younger age than I!  You will bless so many more lives by doing so…. but more importantly your own!

I’m just grateful I’m now on the path to discovering my genius!  When will you discover yours?

I am Grateful!  How are You?


I Learn From Others

I have been so grateful this last year for the things I have been learning from others….. whether it be in a conversation, in comments I read, in a newsletter or a blog….. I’ve been blessed to have my mind uplifted and had thought provoking things come to me.

Today I read the blog post of Valerie Robertson Ackley which she calls Og Invents Wheel and Other Wonders.  She has written a book for children called: What Are You Thinking? teaching children the power of their own thoughts.  I did  a post on it a while back.  You can see that here.

Because of this book, Valerie has the opportunity to meet many people at her book signings.  Many of them share stories with her which she in turn will often share on her blog.  Her recent post was very enlightening to me.  I was impressed with this woman who chatted with her at her last book signing and the story she shared.  She has had some pretty tragic things happen in her life, yet she has maintained an amazing attitude and has learn how important the power of words are.  Here’s an excerpt from Valerie’s post that I found particularly interesting:

“Our conversation began after she read through my book. She loved it and told me the concepts were true principles. Then she pointed to the word “Gratitude” on my marketing banner and said, “Do you realize there is a higher concept than Gratitude? There is a word you can use that will have a more powerful effect on your psyche than simply expressing “I am grateful” or “I am thankful”. I was completely unaware of what it would be. She said the word is “praise”. She suggested I try “I praise thee that……” the next time I want to express gratitude. She said I will be able to feel that it is a more powerful term. It expresses more clearly the trust we put in God as our master architect. It takes you one step beyond the gratitude level.”

Isn’t that an interesting thought?  It’s intrigued me to want to learn more about what kinds of words I use when I speak.  I’m not sure where to look to study that…. but I’m sure that now that I want to find out…. it will start appearing to me in my daily activities.  It’s one of those things that if you are aware of something, or want to know more…. you’ll be amazed at how that info can come to you in many ways.

This is just one of the many ways that I learn from others.  I’ve quoted very often in my posts things I’ve read in the newsletter I get from Meditations for Women.  I subscribe to several other newsletters that I find enlightening.

I love the fact that we can teach each other things.  It’s wonderful how someone can just say something that makes you think about things in a way you’ve never thought of before.  Words are powerful.  Words are enlightening.  Words are encouraging…. but words can be damaging too.

I’m grateful for all the friends I have made in my quest this year for personal development.  I’m grateful that I keep being introduced to others who can continue to enlighten me!  We will never know it all!  And, if we ever think we do….. we are wrong!  Just consider yourself a lifetime student and learn what you can from others!  The World is our campus!   (Where have I heard that before???)  🙂

I am Grateful!  How are You?


I love ‘aha’ moments…… learning moments…… moments when you can draw a clear analogy with something to make a good teaching point.  Yep…. love those.  I taught myself something today doing that very thing!

I’ve been trying to be on a quest for self improvement.  It’s not always an easy thing to do.  It’s easy to get distracted or think “I’ll do it later”….. that’s the way it is with so many things.  I’m far from being perfect….. Heaven knows that!  I joked with my husband last night when he replied to something I asked with “I don’t know…..”  because very often he replies (joking of course) with, ” Because, I know everything!”   So I told him he was confusing me……  I asked him…. “Do you or do you not know everything?”   We laughed and said it seems that it’s only teenagers that seem to know everything!   The minute the rest of us think we know everything…… we are in BIG trouble!

Life is all about learning.  Constantly….. that’s really what we are here for.  The sad part is so many of us don’t have the desire or the wisdom to know that we can become so much more if we would only put in some time and effort.  We seem to allow ourselves to be pacified with the ordinary.  With the everyday things instead of learning all we can.

This thought all came about today as I was thinking about my phone.  The other day I hit a button on there that activated a feature that I had NO idea my phone would even do!  Now….. I’ll admit it…. when I got my phone, I NEVER went through the manual to learn all that it was capable of doing.  I just learned through trial and error what I needed to know about my phone to get by.  You know….. I learned the basics.  It’s gotten me through for about 3 years or so now….. why would I need to know more at this point?  And yet….. this feature that I accidentally activated was a short cut to a feature that I use all the time!  Now I can’t even remember what I did to make it happen!

Here’s my excuse for not taking the time at this point to learn what my phone is capable of doing…..  I want a new phone!  Why would I take time to finally learn something about an old phone that I’m about to get rid of?  Here’s the catch….. the phone I want will have a MUCH bigger learning curve to it that the one I currently have.  It will have many many more features than I’ve ever used and may even perhaps have more features than I feel it’s necessary for me to use or learn.  BUT….. it will have them!  It has the potential to be much more of a phone then I may take the time to learn.

Why wouldn’t I want to learn it?  Time….. it takes time.  It’s something we have to feel is important enough to take the time to learn.  We can all find other things to do with our time.  I’m hoping that I will spend more time learning about a new phone than I did my old one.  There will be features that I will for sure want to know about.  If it’s important to me, or I understand how it can benefit me and make my life easier…. then I will be more apt to take the time to learn how to use the features.  (I’ll admit, however…. I prefer to be ‘shown’ how and not have to read the manual!)

Isn’t that the way life is too?  We all have the potential to be so much more than we are.  Maybe we don’t come with ‘manual’s to explain the features we individually have…. it’s more of a trial and error process to learn about ourselves…..  but we can all be so much more than we currently are!  And why aren’t we all we can be?  TIME!  It takes time, effort and desire to want to make improvements in our lives.  BUT…. if we can see the value and the benefit and how much ‘easier’ our life would be with some of the skills and character traits that we develop with self improvement….. then it becomes more of a priority to us to make the time and sacrifices to become all we can.

Oh yes….. there are definitely sacrifices involved in self improvement.  You just may have to miss that mindless TV program you love watching and put some effort into reading a book…. or listening to a self improvement talk or video.  It takes TIME…. it takes study…. it takes applying the things you learn.   But our potential is so vastly improved by doing it….. it’s a wonder that we need to even think or debate with ourselves whether we think it’s worth putting in the time it takes.

Taking it one bite at a time can help.  Just making a few minutes in our day to move down that road to discovering our potential will at least start our journey on that road!  It can be a slow trip or a fast one…. depending on our choices….. but at least we are moving in that direction.

I’m grateful for that ‘aha’ analogy that came to me today.  I know how important it is to take the time I need to become the person I want to be.  It’s not always easy….. sometimes I would rather just slip back into the old habitual daily routines.  But how much better off I’ll be if I take the time to really find out my potential!

Just like the new phone I anticipate getting soon……   I’ll be much better off if I take the time I need to learn it’s features so I can use it to it’s full potential!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


Here’s some great advice from one of my favorite people…. Jim Rohn

Why not you?  Why not now?



Do you find that at times in you’re life you’re much more receptive to learning than at other times?  I think we go through stages where we are more prepared to listen and learn than other times.  Perhaps when we aren’t ready it’s because we are too busy with ‘life’ to take the time to learn, even though we may want to.  Raising families can be a challenge.  Working 40+ hours a week can tax our brains and make us too tired to learn.  But there always seems to be a time when you want it……. so you make time for it.

I’ve been very blessed all my married life to not have the 9-5 grind to go to everyday.  I was able to stay home and raise my kids.  I had a couple of businesses that took up my time in a different way, but for the most part I’ve been blessed to be able to set my own schedule.

Now I have a new business that is still allowing me that same schedule.  I guess you could refer to it as ‘freedom of time’.  With that ‘freedom’… I took the opportunity to get some training for my current business this weekend.  I truly believe I am at a stage in my life when I am relishing the learning.

That being said….. it’s hard to believe that most of what I experienced this weekend would not be something that most people would have enjoyed.  I am so blessed to be involved with a company that has the most incredible leadership I have ever seen.  I can’t write fast enough when they speak.  Truly inspiring and motivating.  They inspire me to be my best and to know that what I have to offer through my business is valuable.  Very valuable.

Though this sounds a little pretentious….. one of the most valuable things they anyone could ever know about.  I am grateful for that knowledge.  Grateful for the training that helps me know the importance of my service.

I am Grateful!  How are you?