Respecting All of Gods Creatures–Including Ourselves!

I don’t normally do this…. but the following is the content of a newsletter I got today from Access Abundance by Teresa Romain.  It hit me pretty profoundly and I wanted to share it with you.  I hope you enjoy it!
I’m in MN right now for meeting and workshops – which have kept me busy (in terms of preparation) all day today.
That’s why this letter is going to be one of the shortest I’ve written… at least one of the fastest.   It’s not even going to be a formal newsletter in the traditional sense.
Rather, this week I simply want to share an experience I had this week… and from it ask you a question or two for you to reflect upon.   And I’m going to jump right in…
It happened Monday.  All weekend I had been out of sorts – I was still getting over a cold and feeling unusually fatigued.    Monday I woke up feeling better physically – but emotionally I felt completely overwhelmed, discouraged, angry at myself and all sorts of things that were getting bottled up inside of me.
And I knew I had to express them and get them out.  I pulled out my journal.. but quickly realized this was a day I needed to go on one of my “talk with God walks”.  That means I go for a long walk down our back road talking, ranting, questioning, praying, venting, crying or whatever else feels right to God.  And yes – I do it OUT LOUD!  🙂
And I was really struggling through some things on this walk… lots of questions, not many answers and really feeling down about things and upset with myself (and even, I think, God.)  Quite frankly, I was really being hard on myself – and expecting God to be as well.  (Thank God He/She isn’t!)
That’s when – through the tears of my venting – I saw them.  Two of my beloved sandhill cranes in the field next to the road – standing quite close to me.   It’s a testament to their calm and tranquility that I didn’t scare them off with all my ranting and crying.  🙂
And I just stared at them – awestruck and filled with wonder.  I can’t explain it – but I love cranes.   I watched this pair do some of their funky “dances” and watched them walk placidly through the field.  I heard them “talking” to each other – sometimes in “bird whispers”.  
And in that moment… all that had been weighing on me was gone as I was fully present to and transfixed by these beautiful birds.
And then I started talking to God again… and the  question that came out of my mouth was profound and healing and challenging (at least for me).
Here’s the gist of it….
What would happen if I responded to MYSELF the same way I respond to the cranes and so much of the beauty in nature? What if I looked at myself with the same reverence and wonder, curiosity and fascination with which I have been watching these cranes?  
The cranes aren’t DOING anything.  They don’t set goals to achieve nor do they feel like failures if they don’t achieve them.  They don’t judge themselves or compare themselves.  They just BE… walking in fields, standing tall, flying overhead, sitting on a nest… and I am absolutely fascinated by them, love them, value them and see their beauty and worth. I do that with so much of creation… in fact, pretty much all of it – except for ME!
What if I began seeing myself the same way?  What if I saw and appreciated my beauty for simply BEING me? 
And then I started crying again (a healing cry this time) because I realized that the way I look at and watch and love cranes – the way they fascinate me – is a small taste of how God – The Divine who created me – sees and feels about me. 
In that moment, as I let that in… I felt my mind and body relax and my heart open again.  And the “stresses” that had been overwhelming me began to melt away.   And life felt abundant and blessed again… I felt abundant and blessed again.   
Instead of “not enoughing” myself, through my beloved cranes – I began to see myself with new eyes.   And that hasn’t worn off… and when I find myself starting to get down on myself, not enough or judge myself, I remember what I felt as I was watching those cranes last Monday.  Completely transfixed, awed, amazed and appreciative.  And that gives me ACCESS to being able to look at myself – no matter what’s going on – with that same love and respect. 
I know I will have to continue practicing this … but it was a gift for me this past week.  I’m hoping that me sharing it with you will be a gift for you as well… that you might be able to see yourself with new eyes as well.  That you might be able to see the inherent beauty in who you BE as well… that you might be able to love and appreciate and fascinate and amaze yourself.
  • Teresa Romain is the President & Founder of and has trained and coached thousands of individuals around the world access and experience greater freedom, fulfillment, well-being and abundance in their businesses and their lives.  Unique in her approach and dynamic and passionate in her style, Teresa is known for making the transformational process of accessing abundance challenging, fun and powerful in its results.
I read something recently that said something along the lines of:  If we spoke to others the way we speak to ourselves (meaning being as critical as we are about ourselves), we wouldn’t have many friends!  Isn’t that the truth?  We’ve all heard how we are our own worst critic…. and it’s so true!
This article was a good eye opener for me.  How much different would our lives be if we treated ourselves with the respect wonder and awe that we do so many of God’s creatures!  We are one of them!
I’m grateful to Teresa for writing this article and for allowing me to share it here with you.  I felt it went so well with a recent post I made too.  I hope you’ve gained some insights from it too!
I am Grateful!  How are You?

Ho’ oponopono

I learned another new philosophy today.    I heard about it from the young gal that does my nails.  It’s called Ho’ oponopono.  Google it.

Basically, the modern version of it is that you take 100% responsibility for everything in your life.  By repeating the mantra:  “I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  I love you and I thank you.”, its suppose to help you ‘let go and let God’.  It’s considered a cleansing process.  A process of forgiving yourself for things in your present and your past and finding what it is within you that may be causing another person to act the way they are.  It’s a very deep concept and I still have a lot to learn about the context of it.

Even though I don’t completely understand it yet….. I can see how repeating the mantra can make a difference in your state of mind.  There’s much in it that reminds me of Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth:  Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.   That’s another one that is heavy on philosophy….. but an interesting read.

This isn’t an area I can expound on.  It’s one I need to study…. but suffices to say…. I’m grateful that it was brought to my attention.  I think taking the time to be in tune with our inner self or spirit…. the real power of who we are…. can have a profound effect on our life.  Most of us are too busy just ‘existing’ without really learning what our full potential here on earth is.

My hope is that in discovering the power within me, that I’ll realize that it’s totally in line with my beliefs and religion and know that its who God wants me to become.  Life is a journey, isn’t it?

I am Grateful!  How are you?



(Update thought on 11-6-2014 — Another book that really hits this philosophy is “Feeling Buried Alive Never Die” by Karol Truman.  Worth the read if you want to pursue this thought.)

Here’s a song using the mantra.  Beautiful scenery…. calming music.


Loving What Is

Isn’t this about the hardest concept we deal with?  I know it is for me.  While I look around me and find so much to be abundantly grateful for…… I can still seem to find things I dislike.  You know what I mean.  It can play into so many aspects of our lives.  For me personally, it seems to  always be putting myself down, in myriads of ways.

What is it with this self esteem thing?  Why do we all struggle with it so much?  It seems that when we are dissatisfied with ourselves, we are very good at finding the fault in others.  Whether is consciously or subconsciously….. we seem to find fault in others to perhaps make ourselves feel better.  Or look better in our own eyes.  Let’s just say that it’s easy to be judgmental, of ourselves as well as others.

I’m trying very hard to become a better person.  Heaven knows I’m far from perfect….. but I feel I’m trying to make a conscious effort to improve.  In so doing…. I’m studying a lot about the ‘law of attraction’.  Go ahead….. scoff at me if you must….. but I’m finding there really is a lot of truth to it.  I recently subscribed to Teresa Romain’s 12 Essentials for Greater Abundance in Everyday Life.  It’s a free email she sends out for 12 days discussing the essential things we need to be doing to create more abundance in our life.  I would highly recommend you go to her website and sign up for these free emails.     She brings up some really great points.  I hope she won’t mind if I use a couple of them here.

One of the most profound points is to look at the following and try to figure out what it says:


What do you see?  There are two ways to look at that…. one creates positive energy while the other one doesn’t.  First of all….. we are all SOMEWHERE!!  So we can’t really be no where….. it’s just our perception.  Her point is to accept that we are NOW HERE at this point in our life.  Maybe it’s not where we really want to be, financially, with our weight, in our relationships, etc…. but the fact remains…. you are NOW HERE!  Teresa puts it this way:  “To do so doesn’t mean you have to LIKE being “here” – but it does mean that you realize and accept that it’s where you’re at – for the moment.   And it’s this practice that frees you and your energy to take actions and make empowered choices that will help you get where you want to be.”

Another source that talks about his same idea is in a book called “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie.  Her approach is a little different in that she has you look at the other person or thing that is bothering you and then ask yourself 4 questions.  In dealing with the answers to those questions…. you come to accept things as they are and love people in-spite of it.… including yourself.  Now while it’s an interesting read, I honestly didn’t quite finish it because I felt like I needed to do ‘The Work” as I was reading.  My husband, on the other hand,  just read it through.  Although I think to get the most use out of the book you should do ‘The Work’…. I don’t see any harm in reading it completely and then going back through it.  I’ll have to do that…. when it gets returned to me by the person who borrowed it.  ANYWAY…. I just found a link to a pdf copy of her ‘little book’ online.  It’s a smaller version and  will give you the basic concept if you want to  check it out.

Getting back to my point….!!!!  The whole idea of telling ourselves we aren’t thin enough or rich enough or good enough, etc… is creating a feeling of scarcity…. which does not allow the good things to appear in our lives.  Oh yes…. we are getting results from the universal ‘law of attraction’….. just not the ones we want!  And it’s because we are focused on what we don’t have instead of what we do have.  (Hence one of my reasons for creating this blog….)  So to paraphrase what Teresa Romain says…. Celebrate what you have, what you did get done, what actions you did take no matter how small….. don’t focus on what you didn’t do or don’t have!  Be graceful for NOW… no matter what now looks like!  Love yourself for who you are and be grateful for what you have now!  Life will only get better when you do!

I am Grateful!  How are you?