Where Are YOU on the Path?

I had another epiphany today.  Sort of anyway.  It’s not that I haven’t really known this before…. it’s just that while listening to a talk in our Regional Conference today, it created a vision in my head.

We are all at different points on this path of life.  Some of us have been on the path a lot longer than others.  Some have chosen a different path than I have.  Although our paths are different and we are at different points in the path…. I still believe there are certain things on everyone’s path that will present themselves when we are ready for them.

I’m sometimes amazed at how much I have learned in just the last year or two.  I often wonder:  “What the heck took you so long?”  I’m not sure of the answer to that other than maybe I wasn’t ready to be as receptive to certain things as I am now.  Perhaps it’s just taking the time to ‘tune in’ to what you are sensing and feeling.  I’ve found that when our focus shifts to things more meaningful…. that we are usually more receptive or even just recognize what we are suppose to be paying attention to.

Imagine two parallel lines of the same size.  Let’s say they represent ‘the path’ we are all taking.  Though I’m describing separate lines…. those lines represent the same path….  it just represents 2 different people on the path.   Now imagine a dot in the center of the top line.  It represent  how far along that path person A has gone.  The dot on the bottom line is only about 1/4 of the way along and it represents person B.  Now they are both walking the same path…. but they left at different times, so person A is further along on the path than person B.

Will they both eventually see the same things along the path?  Probably….. but perhaps in different seasons and different circumstances.  There may be things along the path to distract one person while the other person doesn’t seem to notice them.  Will their journey be the same?  No…..  will they experience some of the same things?  Probably.  But the path is the same, the scenery is the same.

Let’s say that there are parts of the path that you need to experience in order to understand things that you will see further down the path.  If you don’t experience those things earlier…. you won’t recognize and understand the things further down the path.  But…. at some point in your path, you finally understand and recognize those things.  Person A would most likely experience them sooner than person B.  Logically speaking.  But is it possible, that if this pathway is something that is not measured how far along we are by our age…  but rather our experience…. could person B catch up to person A?  I believe they can.

If this all sounds confusing to you…. what I’m trying to say is…. that though I may have taken years to get to the point of being receptive and open and ready for the things I am experiencing and learning now…..  I believe that someone much younger than I can also reach that point if they have the desire to move along that path a little quicker than I did.  If they allow themselves to be open and focus on things that matter…..  they can experience things at a much younger age than I did and thereby benefit from it for a longer time.

I guess what I’m trying to say is….. if you want your life to improve, then you need to be paying attention to signs and signals around you that may be leading you to move along that pathway a little quicker so that you can gain the knowledge you need so that when you reach that learning point…. you’ll know it’s there to improve your life.  Allowing unnecessary distractions in our life will make that happen a lot slower.  I don’t mean to offend anyone here…. there is a time and a place for entertainment…..  but I think too many of us spend too much time being ‘entertained’ when our lives would be much better served if we would take that time to study and learn and then act upon what we have learned.  In other words…. turn off the TV and open a book!  And not just a novel….  something that can teach you what you need to know.

I’m not saying that you should never watch TV or never read a novel…. I just think most of us spent too much time doing trivial activities that don’t push us along the path of self improvement.

I”m still learning…. I’m still trying to get myself into action….. but I love what I am learning and enjoy the sense of purpose I feel in affecting other peoples lives just by being an example of what improving your own life can be.

I’m grateful that I feel I have reached a point in my path where I just want to stop and learn and absorb all that I can.  There’s so much the path can teach me…. so much that I just walked by earlier.  I’m glad to be learning, absorbing and sharing.  If we ever reached the point in life where we think we have learned it all…. we are in BIG trouble!

So where are YOU on the path?  Have you reached the point where you are seeing signs around you that you need to stop and learn what you can so that the rest of your path can be more meaningful?  Sometimes all we need to do is just step back and, as an old Irving Berlin song said….. ‘Stop… Look…. Listen!”   Pay attention to where your path is leading and what you need to do to be on the path of self improvement.

I am Grateful!  How are you?


Believe – Belong – Become

I had the opportunity to be a part of the ‘B-3’ tour tonight.  It’s a tour that our company has put together to help train their Associates in their personal development.  The first meeting was here in Salt Lake.  The point of the meeting is to help everyone in the company realize the importance of Believe, Belong and Become.

The evening started with the life story of Mark Narovlansky’s quest to come to America.  Growing up in Russia, he was led to believe that America was a bad evil place.  He tells the story of how he was enlightened by a couple of books that changed his life, one of them being Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People.  This book was a real eye opener for him.  It made him believe that there was a better life for him in America.  But the story is complicated.  He spent 8 years trying to get approval to leave Russia and come to America.  Through many struggles, including all of his family members not wanting anything to do with him, both he and his wife losing their jobs and many more things….. he never gave up hope believing that he could get here.  And he made it and has become a very successful citizen.  He is living the American dream.  It was a very inspiring story.

He was followed by Tyler Norton, who always does such a great job of speaking.  No matter how many times I hear Tyler speak, even if he is repeating something I’ve heard from him before…. I’m always touched and motivated.  He’s amazing.

I’ll just share a few of the tidbits that I got from this meeting tonight.  I guess the one that hit me hard from Mark Narovlansky was his Principle #4 which is:  It doesn’t matter how many times you are denied — it only matters that your try again!

Mark Narovlansky -- what an amazing story of Believing, Belonging and Becoming!

I can’t imagine what he and his family must have gone through for 8 solid years sending in requests to leave Russia every 6 months only to be denied, time after time.  He mentioned that the Russian government felt the process was meant to break down those who were ‘traitors’ to the country.  To make them give up and be humiliated.  8 years is a long time…. never giving up, never wavering….. then still facing complications at the border with only hours left on his Visa.  Amazing story.  Perseverance and belief to the max!

The next point that stuck with me that both Tyler and Mark talked on was:  You can’t belong to something you don’t believe in — And you can’t believe in something that’s not true.  Isn’t that the truth?  I know it rings so true for me!

I’m so grateful I believe so strongly in this great company and the product it represents.  I’m grateful for the encouragement to never give up!  I’m grateful for the training and personal development it affords me.  I know through this company I can Believe in myself and what I represent, I feel like I Belong to an incredibly important movement and I can Become the best that’s in me by associating with such wonderful people!  Believe – Belong – Become!

I am Grateful!  How are you?