We Three Amigos

I love spending time with good friends.  An occasional Girl’s Night Out (GNO) is great fun.

The other day, my good friends and I took the opportunity to go and listen to a presentation by another friend of mine called: Understanding, Appreciating and Supporting the Men in Our Lives.  I knew that we wouldn’t have as much time to visit with each other doing this, but I also knew it was good information we all could use to help better our relationship with our husbands.

We enjoyed the presentation a lot and each learned things that will help us.  As we were leaving that night, we stopped to thank the presenter, Ramona Zabriskie, who is a friend of mine.  I was telling Ramona that these are my good friends, the ones I have been singing with for years.  Of course, being a musical person herself, she asked us to sing.

Myself, Nila and Laurie at Nila's wedding Love these ladies!
Myself, Nila and Laurie at Nila’s wedding
Love these ladies!

We don’t really do a cappella.  Everything we do is with a live band or recorded music.  But I figured we knew the harmonies to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy well enough to get through a verse or so a cappella.   So we did and Ramona loved it.  It makes me very happy to be singing with these ladies.

Whether we are singing or not, I just enjoy spending time with them!  This was the first chance we had had to get together since Nila got married.  It was fun to catch up with her and see how she is doing in her new marriage.  It’s so wonderful to see her happy after being alone for so many years.

One of the things we learned in Ramona’s presentation is that women use LOTS more words in a day than men do.  That’s one of the reasons we are such social people!  I truly believe that women need women as friends because we understand that part of being female and we relish talking with someone who understand and thrives on that too.  And I seem to have a lot to say!

I’m grateful that even with our busy lives, that my friends and I can make time to get together and just enjoy each other’s company.  And if we get a chance to sing while we are doing it…. that’s even better!  Love you ladies!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?


Singing for the Seniors

Have I mentioned how much I love to sing and perform?  I probably have….. but during this Christmas season…. I have to mention it again!

I love singing with my peeps… my girls…. my friends.  We have sung together since college and if I do say so myself….. we are pretty darn good!  We blend really well together, partially because we’ve sung together so long. We don’t seem to get to sing much together except at Christmas time, and then it’s not as much as we’d like to.  (It’s called marketing folks…. and we aren’t very good at it…. that needs to change!)

I love doing Christmas shows.  Christmas music is some of my very favorite music.  Tonight we sang for my Mom’s Assisted Living center.  Those little old people we so cute and gracious.  The amazing thing was that they sat there for an hour before we went on.  Most of their entertainment starts at 6 pm, so they just come out of the dining room and and sit in the lobby till the show starts.

Unfortunately…. we weren’t scheduled to start till 6:30 pm which means most of them had been sitting an hour when we started.  I could tell some of them were very tired, but they loved us so much last year, they knew they wanted to hang around.

I’ve just gotten so I love performing for those older folks!  They really are appreciative of what you do.  We had one cute little old fellow in the back tonight that if he hadn’t been confined to a wheel chair, I think he would have come on stage and started dancing with us!   He was adorable!  After our show I went over to talk to him and he didn’t want me to leave.  He wanted to get up and dance with me, but since that wasn’t’ a good idea….. I ‘danced’ with him while he was in the wheel chair.  We decided that someone needs to start a ballroom dance team with wheel chairs!  And he wants to be on it!  He was delightful!

Wow! I found out that there ARE groups that doing dancing in wheelchairs! Awesome!

Many of the other residents expressed their thanks to us too.  The little man we brought up on stage for Santa Baby had to tell a joke or two before we started the song and then came over afterwards to tell us more jokes!  So cute.  George, the man in the wheelchair, reminded me a little of my Dad with his cheerful happy attitude.  My Dad was a joker right up to the end.  Thanks for making me think of him George!

I’m grateful we have another chance to perform this coming Saturday during the Christmas season.  I just wish we had more shows!  I swear….. next year I’m going to market us and get some real ‘gigs’.  This used to be the time of year when we would have 15 or more performances in December.  Not that I want to be that busy now….. but 4 or 5 more would be ideal!  (Anyone looking for some great entertainment??) <grin>

I’m grateful for this Christmas season and for being able to share my talents with a few people.  I feel blessed to have that opportunity.  It’s something that I hope I can continue to do well into old age!

I am Grateful!  How are You?


I don’t know if this will work…. and it’s not a Christmas song…. but here’s me and my girls singing a Wilson Phillips song that was posted on my Facebook page.  I hope the link works.  You’ll have to copy and paste….  These were recorded during a live performance at the Mirage Hotel in the 90’s…. but I think we still sound this good or better singing together.

Here’s another one:

This is probably one of our tightest standards we do….

Karaoke Tracks

No…. I’m not a Karaoke person…. not in the traditional way anyway!  I don’t go to Karaoke clubs and sing.  I’m not really into that.  I did sing for the Karaoke contest on the cruise we went on a few years ago…. but I don’t do Karaoke clubs.  Not that I might not enjoy it…. I’ve just never tried, and most of the places that do that are not the kind of atmosphere I want to be around all night.  But I am very grateful for Karaoke tracks!

I’m a performer.  Have been a good portion of my life.  I’ve been blessed to be able to perform with some college friends for the last…..  (ahem)…. 30 or so years.  I remember when Karaoke tracks started being made available to the public.  They were first referred to as minus one tracks, or minus tracks, meaning the track was without or minus the lead vocal.  That was before the oriental name Karaoke started to stick.  They weren’t very available in the USA for a while.  Luckily…. I was on a DOD tour (similar to a USO tour, just sponsored by a different department) when Karaoke tracks started to become popular, so we bought a few over seas.  I guess that’s the first time I even knew they were available.

Prior to Karaoke tracks, most of my performing days have been with live music…. which is really fun… I actually prefer it!  But that can’t always happen.  So when Karaoke tracks started to become more popular, my friends and I started doing  a few ‘gigs’ without the band because we didn’t have to charge as much.  Though we still love to perform with live music…. we are still doing shows with minus tracks.

Thankfully those tracks allow us to perform as often as we can.  Which, actually as of late, has not been as much as we would like!  There are so many performing groups out there that you really have to advertise today to make yourself known.  One of these days I will talk my friends into stopping long enough to get a head shot photo of us taken so we can at least start a Facebook fan page!

Thanks to Karaoke tracks, I made a Christmas album a few years ago.  It was just for fun and I did it for my parents.  However… it has become popular with many of my friends and family.  It’s not available on iTunes because I’ve never cleared the rights to use the tracks.  Someday I will do that.

In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy performing to Karaoke tracks with my friends and even occasionally by myself!  I’m grateful for those opportunities to do so!  My friends and I have two shows coming up in the next 10 days!  I’m excited to sing with them and to get into the Christmas spirit by doing so!!

Do you love singing to Karaoke tracks?

I am Grateful!  How are You?

(Come back to this post in a day or so and I will have posted a youtube video of one of my Christmas songs….. I just need to make it first!)

In the meantime….. I guess I can post this one I did this summer for a….. contest!!!

Karen Carpenter

My cousin just posted a video of Karen Carpenter singing “Superstar”….. one of my favorites of hers.  I realized as I made a comment on his post how grateful I am for her!

Karen Carpenter was truly my idol.  Here’s another thing I’m grateful for….. you know how we all want to sing like our idols?  The challenge of singing like her was a whole lot easier on the voice than say trying to sing like Celine Dion or Mariah Carey…..  The expectations of singers now a days is a much more difficult form of singing.  At least to do correctly without damaging your voice.  Hence, why I’m grateful it was Karen Carpenter I was trying to sound  like…..  a much easier task on the vocal chords!

I love her smooth and natural sound.  It’s the kind of voice you could listen to all day and not get tired of.  Some singers voices can make you a little weary in the ears after just a few numbers… but not Karen.   I thought I had all her albums growing up…. but I’ve since learned of a few I didn’t know about, plus a few that were made after I was collecting them…. but I still think I’m pretty familiar with most of her music.

What an awful day it was the day she left us!  I was pretty distraught.  So sad to loose such a talented person to such an awful thing.  It’s so sad when a persons self-image is so tied up with how much they weigh.  I mean… I’ll admit…. I prefer being thinner too and have done some extreme dieting in the past… but nothing to that extent.  I like food too much to go that far!  It breaks my heart to think that such a talented young life came to an early end because of such an awful disease that possibly could have been prevented if people weren’t so critical of others.

I feel I have been blessed with a fairly nice voice.  And the kind of music that Karen sang is the kind I prefer to sing…. easy to sing…. easy to listen to!  I have had people tell me that they think I sound like Karen Carpenter…. which is the highest compliment someone could pay me… in my book!!  Just so you all know…. I’ve already reserved my space next to Karen Carpenter in the alto section of the heavenly choir…I’m going to sing with her sometime come hell or high water!!  (Pretty sure it will have to be the high water since I’m positive that she didn’t go to hell!)  And let me add as a side note…. that while I believe Karen Carpenter was one of the finest voices this world will ever know…. her brother Richard is also extremely talented.  Singing may not have been his forte…. but the boy can arrange and write and play the piano like a true pro!  I’m always amazed as I listen closely to arrangements and piano solos.  Try going to youtube and watching some of the clips from their old TV specials.  Ta..aa aal… lent!  I recently found a CD that has some of those old television special arrangements on it.  Great stuff!

So I give a huge shout out to my idol, Karen Carpenter today!  It’s been 28 years this month since the world lost your beautiful voice….but it will forever live on in our hearts and memories and ipods!!!

I am Grateful!  How are you?