Who’s Fingerprint Sherlock?

Day 20~

While our face is the way most people recognize us, it can be altered or changed to make us look different.  One distinguishing factor on our bodies that cannot be changed is our fingerprints.  It is one way that we can be identified if all other ways have been extinguished.sherlock

For criminals…. fingerprinting may not be something they like.  Criminal investigators have been lifting fingerprints from crime scenes for many years.  But for the rest of us, they can be a blessing!

The newer technology allows the use of fingerprints to open our devices and keep them safe from use by other people (unless of course they know your code).  I find this a wonderful feature when using my new iPhone.  (I only wish my iPad had the same thing on it because I keep my finger on the start button for a few seconds before I realize that I’m not on my phone and that I need to type my security code.)  Many businesses use this technology as security for entrance into parts or all of their business locations.

I’m grateful for my fingerprints…. that I can use it for security purposes on my devices, and as a unique way to identify me.  A few years ago when I was a substitute teacher, I had to have a background check done on me and as part of that, they took my fingerprints.  I suppose they are in police records now, but that could be a good thing if anything horrific were to every happen to me!fingerprint art

Besides….. haven’t you ever seen finger print art?  It looks like it could be fun and entertaining!  Just google fingerprint art and you’ll be amazed at the things people have done!

Now aren’t your grateful for your fingerprints?

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?



OK….. I’ve talked about my gratitude for modern technology before…. but yesterday we used one I hadn’t yet used and was so grateful we had!

We missed having our daughter Mandy with us for Christmas!  It was her first Christmas away from home and I know she wanted to be here terribly bad…..  and we wanted her here too….. but at least we got to ‘see’ her anyway!

This is just an example of what FaceTime looks like on an iPhone.... this is not my daughter.

When the rest of the family was here, we tried to call her on FaceTime but she didn’t answer.  A while later we tried calling her phone and talked for a few minutes on speaker phone.  My son suggested we call her back on FaceTime and she said she didn’t really want to because she looked like ‘butt’….. (as she called it)………  We talked her into it anyway and I’m so glad we did!

It was fun to see her face and let each of us have some time with her on camera.  We even got to see Daisy, her dog….. Scooter got to say “Hi” to Daisy too….. it was pretty cute to see his head cock sideways when he heard Mandy’s voice talking to him.  He just looked at the computer screen all puzzled….. it was great!  I know he misses Daisy!

I’m grateful for this wonderful technology and only wish that it had been available when my boys were on their missions!  I understand that now missionaries get to use Skype to call home if it’s available in their area.  How great is that!  You don’t get much time to actually talk to your missionaries during that 2 year time they are away from home…… what a blessing it would be to be able to see their fare while you are talking!

It’s so amazing to think about how all this technology transpires through little wires and satellite connections…….  mind boggling, really, when you think about it!

Even though we didn’t get to have Mandy home yesterday…. I’m grateful that I could at least ‘see’ and talk to her anyway!  It was the next bast thing!  Hopefully we will all be together next year!

I am Grateful!  How are You?

Family AND Technology

Time for a new family pic..... the girls have all changed hair!!

So begins a new adventure with a blog! Never having blogged before I will be open to suggestions! My goal is to take time to daily share something I am grateful for. This idea came to me within the last few days….. since I’ve been working on the “Law of Attraction” concepts…. and realizing how important it is to be grateful for what I have now in order to manifest and attract even greater things in my life…. this blog will help me bring attention to the many blessings I already have. I will be sharing some things on FB and perhaps even learn how to ‘tweet’ in this process, but my goal is to have a year full of gratitude for 365 different things! (Perhaps more if I take it to the end of 2011)

The idea for the name of the blog came from a talk I heard yesterday in church. The speaker said that when he was asked “How are you doing?” …instead of answering, “Fine, Thanks, and you?” etc…… He now answers: “I’m grateful, How are you? The response he has been getting from people with this answer has been an eye opener for him and for those who asked! I thought it was a great idea and It only reaffirmed the feeling that I had that I needed to post a daily gratitude statement…. it just gave me a clever name to do it with!!

Since I started my first FB post yesterday, I will be posting BOTH things I’ve noted gratitude for in my first blog. Lucky you! You’ll get a double whamy!

So here is yesterday’s post on FB:
Today I begin my journey of a DAILY shared Attitude of Gratitude with all of you. I figure, why wait till the New Year if I felt inspired to start today!! Today I am grateful for an amazing family. For 3 terrific kids who turned out fabulous in spite of their Mother….. and SOOOOOOO grateful for an AMAZING husband who is really the rock of the family. Couldn’t ask for a better husband or Father to my children. GRATEFUL!!

I am Grateful!   How are you?

(This post was followed by some very NICE comments from friends and family that I won’t list here. You can go to my FB profile page and read them if you really want to.)

And here is the post I made this morning:
Today’s Attitude of Gratitude…… I am grateful for technology. Particularly today for the computer/Internet. It has opened up my world to a great amount of free learning and wisdom from other people. Full of history, and new knowledge. Though that has to be sifted and sorted….. I feel as though I have the World Encyclopedia at my fingertips! And though it’s not as personal as talking ‘in person’ …… it has allowed me to reconnect and rekindle old friendships, make new ones and at least be able to stay in touch a little with what is going on in their lives!!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

So begins my first blog and my year’s journey of gratitude. Most of my posts will most likely be shorter than today’s. I suppose there will be days that I will want to expound on my feelings….. hopefully you’ll indulge me!