Serving in the Temple

I love serving in the temple!  I’ve always known that, but yesterday was really a reminder of just how much.

John and I have found a home we want to buy.  It’s being built so we won’t be able to move into it till the first of the year.  While we are very excited to make the move back into a house, we are saddened that we will be moving out of the Jordan River Temple district and therefore will need to be released as Ordinance Workers there.

John is having his knee replaced today, so yesterday was his last day.  With the Temple closing in a couple of weeks for cleaning and the Holidays coming up, it worked out to be his last day.  Depending on how things go with him, it may have been my last day too.  Knowing that, I was very melancholy as I performed my duties serving the Patrons.

It hit me the most as I was sitting in the front of the room for the Endowment session.  We had several older Sisters in wheel chairs on that session.  When that happens, it’s usually an opportunity for us to serve them even more than we would a healthier Patron because we are often needed to help them put on their Priesthood robes during the session.  I was lucky enough yesterday to have a Sister to help.  I love doing that.  It endears me to them so much.

As I observed those Sisters during the session, I was touched by what many of them are enduring in their old age.  One of the Sisters had Arthritis so bad in her hands its hard for her to hold her hands straight, which makes part of the ceremony a little more difficult.  Another of the Sisters feet are so twisted that taking off her shoes and putting them back on was a little difficult.  She is stuck in a wheel chair for the remainder of her life.  You could see that the muscles in her legs are disappearing as she is unable to use them.  It broke my heart for her, yet it made me so grateful that I had the chance to help her.

Jordan River Temple (photo by Kendall Davenport)
Jordan River Temple
(photo by Kendall Davenport)

I was choking back tears yesterday knowing that it might be my last chance to do that for sometime.  I was also choking back tears regarding everything that has happened to us in the last two weeks (both good and kind of scary)  that makes me very aware that my Heaven Father knows and loves me.  I know that he sent those Sisters to the temple yesterday to be on the session I was helping with, so I could have a reminder of just how much joy I receive doing His work there.  Not going to lie,  I’m not always in tune with the spirit when I work there.  Often I let my mind spin on worldly things and not focus on what I can feel there if I allow myself to do so.  That’s why yesterday was so special to me.  It completely made me focus and realize that it might be the last time for sometime that I will get to help perform those ordinances.  We hope to maybe work in the new Temple district once we get moved and settled, but it may be a while.

Because we work on the early shift on Wednesdays and have to get up so early, often I am tired while I’m there.  And often, I have been known to close my eyes during part of the session and doze off.  I’m not happy to admit that, but it happens more often than not.  Yesterday I was surprised at how I wasn’t tired.  Even though I had forgotten what night it was when I went to bed the night before and didn’t get to bed till 11 pm.  I was surprised at how much energy I had.  Again…. I think it was The Lords way of reminding me what joy I have had serving Him.

I’m so grateful for the blessing of working the The Lord’s House.  I have many sweet memories and have gained some wonderful friendships both with fellow workers and with Patrons who come so often.  What a blessing it is to do His work!  I guess I will have to settle for just being a Patron myself for a while.  I can always attend during the hours that we worked and hopefully be able to say “Hi” to some of those friends while we are there.  Being a Patron is a blessing too.  One I haven’t taken as much advantage of as I should.  Now I will have a chance to finish up those Family File cards a distant relative gave me to do.  And that….. will be a blessing too!

I Am Grateful!  How Are You?


Blessings of the Temple

The other day I made a post about how easy it is to take things for granted when we are exposed to them every day.  And today I was reminded of that once again.

I have the opportunity and blessing to be an Ordinance worker in the LDS Jordan River Temple.  Though I only work one day a week right now, I’m able to be a part of the ordinances performed there in the work for the dead.  For those of you that don’t understand that, we believe  that everyone deserves the chance to be offered the blessings of the Temple.  If they weren’t able to participate in them in this life, we do the ‘work’ for them as proxies and give them a chance to accept or reject those blessings in the spirit world.

As I was participating in those ordinances today….. I stopped for a few minutes to pay attention to the verbiage of the blessings that are pronounced on the heads of the proxies for the dead.  Because I repeat those words all the time…. I sometimes forget to really pay attention to the beautiful promises that are being given.  Promises that I pray all my family members will one day be able to have for their own.

It’s amazing what beautiful blessings the Lord has in store for us when we keep the commandments He’s asked us to keep.  Commandments, that by living them, our lives are continually blessed.  Some people would argue that keeping the commandments and living the gospel is too restrictive.  But I don’t agree.  I believe that living them brings so many blessings and joy that there’s nothing I feel like I’m missing out on by doing so.

I’m grateful I have the blessing of working in the temple and being reminded of His wonderful promises to us.  I’m grateful that those blessings are promised to me and to all who chose to do what is necessary to participate in them.  My life is richly blessed.

I am Grateful!  How are You?



Peace and Quiet

I know…. I mentioned 2 things here…… but they go hand in hand.  Being at the stage in my life when there aren’t too many things around making noise…. at least by choice…..  I find that I really enjoy peace and quiet.

What do you think about when you are left alone with your thoughts and can hear yourself think?  I wish I knew…. or should I say I’d like to learn better techniques for meditation.  It’s nice not having outside distractions so you can concentrate on….. whatever!  I am blessed not only to have that on occasion within my own home (my husband enjoys quiet too….)…. but also because I have the opportunity to be inside the Temple 2 mornings a week.   My favorite thing to do is to take time to go up and sit in the Celestial room before the first session comes off.  Sooooo peaceful…… sooo beautiful.  It’s usually only me and one or two other people.

Maybe I could learn to meditate for long hours if I had this to look at!


Again…. I’d like to learn to be better at meditation…. I’m open for suggestions!!  When I read “Eat, Pray, Love” this last year, I wondered if I could actually sit for hours on end in meditation as she learned to do.  I’m not sure I want to learn to be quiet for THAT long….. but I would like the skills of figuring out what’s going on in my head.  Listening to that inner voice that’s probably telling me what I need to do to be a better me.  Then…. I just need the energy and the determination to be that!!  It’s coming.  A little at a time.  Working on getting out of my comfort zone for some things.  It’s all good.  But for today…. I’ll take the peace and quiet!

I am grateful!  How are you?