Laughter is the best medicine……  that’s what they say….right?  Have you ever had a time when you’ve been feeling very blue and  a friend or loved one has been able to bring you out of that blue state by making you laugh?  Sometimes it’s really what we need!   Or have you ever been with a group of friends and you started with the giggles over something….but as time wore on everything seemed so funny that you laughed till it hurt?  Do you remember how it felt to have your side ache from laughing?  Ah….. what a great feeling!      “I am thankful for laughter except when milk comes out of my nose.” – Woody Allen

You’ve heard the song “I Love To Laugh” from Mary Poppins….right?  Sometimes just hearing the sound of someones’ laugh can be funny.   I bet if you thought for a minute you could think of 5 people with such distinct laughs that you would know who they were if you heard them laughing from the other room.  I can think of a couple myself.  One in particular is the kind of person that is great to have in an audience when you are a performer on stage… (you know who you are!!)   I always know that we will have a great show with lots of energy when I hear him laugh in the audience.  It’s amazing how that synergy can carry through the audience and make them more comfortable to laugh out loud…. which in turn brings out a better performance from the actors!  Synergy all around!  I’m grateful for people who make me smile and laugh and brighten my day.  My sister has the cutest ‘ring’ on her phone!!  It’s the cutest recording of her little grand daughters giggle…..  makes me smile every time I hear it!  Nothing quite like the laugh of a child!!   I am Grateful!  How are you?


Indoor Plumbing

I know…. this may be a little too close to my post on taking a shower…… but sometimes you just have to expound on similar things!

Indoor plumbing…… we use it EVERY day!!  And I think we take it for granted everyday!  Come on….. you’ve seen those old movies where you see someone standing at the pump outside filling up a bucket to take back in the house to use for….. well for a LOT of things!  Just think….. no sink with plumbing coming in….. so they had to bring in water to drink, to wash dishes with, to bath with, to clean with…. let’s see…. am I leaving anything out?  Just think about that every time you go to the sink and turn on the faucet!   How lucky are you!  And to top it off….. you can even turn the tap so that the water comes out hot!!  Oh…. my….. gosh!  We even have a hot water dispenser at our house so I can whip out a cup of hot chocolate in no time!  Talk about spoiled!  Now….. I’m not aging myself…. because I grew up in a home with indoor plumbing….. but I DO remember going camping with my parents.  Now, even though we had the ‘luxury’ of owing a trailer and then later a camper…… it still didn’t have running water.  (At least the early one didn’t)   I remember having to fill up a container at the water pump in the campground and taking it back to our campsite.  Mom would boil that water on the gas stove (which was a luxury) so we would have warm water to do the dishes or to wash up with a little.  Similar to what they had to do ‘way back when’….  BUT….. the very worst part of no indoor plumbing would be….. you guessed it!  Having to use an outhouse!  Yikes!  I guess I got to experience something similar to that when camping as a kid.  There were no bathrooms in the trailers and campers back then…. (again…..early models….).  I remember HATING to have to go to the bathroom at night!  It was always cool in the evenings in the canyon which made a trip to the ‘outhouse’ even colder!  We won’t even talk about the smell…. and the flies…….  you’re getting the picture, right?  And I only had to experience that for a few days while I was camping!  I can’t imagine living that way!  Just one more reason to be grateful that I live in a time of so many modern conveniences!!  I’ll have to admit…. I’m not much of a ‘roughing it’ fan!  I guess I’m too much of a princess!  I’m just glad that I can take care of ALL that business inside the house!!  I am Grateful!  How are you?

Chiropractic care

I know there might be some people out there that still consider chiropractors ‘quacks’…. but NOT me!  I don’t think I ever have!  I’ve been going for adjustments since I was in Jr. High!  They are the best!   Particularly when you are in a lot of pain!

I remember several years ago when I was pregnant…. I think with my daughter…. can’t remember for sure…. but I was in SO much pain in my lower back!!  I was literally crawling around on the floor because I couldn’t stand up,  I hadn’t been to a chiropractor in a while but at that time I had been hearing that “they are just ‘quacks’…. you should go to a real doctor!”   So, I decided to give the real doc a try.  I went to see an orthopedic.  I think one of the things that annoyed me was that it took him FOREVER to get to me… they must have taken some x-rays because I remember he finally came in after reviewing the x-rays and said…. “there’s really nothing wrong with your back.  You have a little bit of scoliosis, only about a 5% curve, but it shouldn’t be causing you that much pain”  So he walked out of the room after maybe 10 min max and sent me home and told me to take some tylenol or whatever and that was it!  I was furious!  It’s been a while since that happened so I don’t remember if I headed straight to the chiropractor or if it was a day or so later….. but I definitely went in soon and guess what!  My back was improved 100% just after one treatment!  Ha!  Kinda lost my faith in traditional doctors a little after that!

I have to say that I am extremely grateful for my current chiropractor!  He (they) take care of me extremely well and are very good to me!  It just happens to be family members …. but isn’t that a nice thing?  I feel very blessed to have them in my family!  If you have thought about getting chiropractic care but haven’t done it yet…..  I highly recommend it!  You won’t regret it!  I don’t believe that they are looked at as ‘quacks’ anymore….. as a matter of fact, I think that treating our ailments by natural methods is gaining more and more popularity and respect.  And….. it’s working for a LOT of people!  So thanks Dr. Dan and Dr. Dallas!  (and all the office staff….) !  I am Grateful!  How are you?


Do you like yogurt?  I have really come to love yogurt!  There are many different kinds of yogurt out there….. some of them with TOO much stuff in them that kind of defeat the purpose of yogurt being healthy for you!!  I have learned to buy plain unsweetened yogurt (or we make the homemade kind…..).    I then sweeten it with Stevia, which is a natural sweetener, and MUCH better for you than refined sugar….. then I add fresh cut up strawberries, fresh blueberries and a little granola.  My favorite granola is one I get from Costco called Nature’s Path Pumpkin Flax Plus Granola.  Good stuff.  This combination is a treat I like.  And…. if you’re eating the right kinds of yogurt it’s very good for you!

Here’s some info from an article I got off of a website called Medical News Today:

“A yogurt a day may not mean fewer doctor visits, but there are plenty of health reasons to make this dairy food a regular in your diet.

The May issue of Mayo Clinic Women’s HealthSource covers the benefits:

Just missing the granola!


– One 8-ounce cup of plain low-fat yogurt provides around 400 milligrams (mg) of calcium, more than the 300 mg in an 8-ounce glass of milk.

– Yogurt also has as much potassium as a banana and as much protein as an egg or ounce of meat.

– The live bacteria in yogurt help in digestion and protect you against other harmful bacteria…….

……….Although many bacteria can make you sick, these bacteria are beneficial.”

Isn’t it nice when something that’s good for you tastes good!  Actually….. there are a LOT of  healthy foods that taste great….. yogurt is just one of them!  It’s not something that I was introduced to as a child…. so I’ve been grateful for my discovery of how good yogurt can be!  One of my favorite occasional treats is to go to one of the new fangled yogurt places where you make you own yogurt concoction and add all your own condiments and then pay by the pound…… yummy!!  But pricey!  That’s why it’s only an occasional treat!   Plus I’m pretty sure they are FULL of sugar!  But an indulgence once and a while is ok, right?    So….. what is your favorite kind of yogurt?  I am Grateful!  How are you?     

Inspirational Music

Music is a comfort to the soul.  It reaches you in ways no other thing can.  I am so grateful for inspirational music.  I hope that you will allow me to perhaps use music as a post several times this year since there are so many types of music and it’s such a big part of my life.  But today…. it’s inspirational music I’m grateful for.  Have you ever had a time in your life when you were very sad and a song comes on that can reach you and give you encouragement?  That’s how my morning started today.  It’s hard to see those you love be sad…. it makes me sad.  I wish I could take away the pain.

I like to listen to music while I am getting ready for church…. preferably the kind of music that will uplift my mood and inspire me for the meetings I will be attending.  Today I was listening to an album titled “Women of Destiny”.  I really like that album… some great songs on there.    The song that hit me today is titled:  “Sometimes He Lets It Rain”.  As hard as it can be…. sometimes we do have to go through hard times before we find the joy.  As part of the song says: “There is no joy without the pain, sometimes He has to let it rain”.     Another phrase is “sometimes it takes a storm to lead a heart where it can grow”.  It seems that we need that adversity to stretch beyond where we want to go.  It becomes what you might call a ‘turning point’ for us.  Hopefully we can recognize it as a chance to turn ‘upward’ in our growth here on earth.  I was just reading a talk by Dallin H Oaks titled “Give Thanks in All Things”  from 2003 April conference where he stated:  “…we should even give thanks for our afflictions because they turn our hearts to God and give us opportunities to prepare for what God would have us become.”    Thus…. the need for adversity and afflictions.  Though not fun to deal with…. but necessary for our growth.  In times like these… I am grateful to turn to  inspirational words through music.  It helps the soul to be encouraged and uplifted and even perhaps grateful.  I am Grateful!  How are you?

My Husband

I’ve been waiting for today to make my husband the subject of my gratitude post!  It’s been hard not to do it before!  Today is his birthday…. and it’s a BIG one!  Let’s just say he now qualifies for things he didn’t qualify for till now.  But he is so non-chalant….. it doesn’t phase him at all!  If only I can be half as graceful when I get there….. (and I’m quite a ways off…in case you wondered!!)

I can’t even begin to tell you how lucky I have felt my entire life with him!  What a blessing he has been!  I mentioned his father yesterday in my post… how grateful I was that my husband had inherited some of his qualities….. so that’s one reason why I love my Father-in-law so much!  His son is so much like him in so many ways.  I don’t think I could have a more honest, tender and caring person in my life.  John has taught me so much…. and been so patient while I learn!  I remember when we were dating and we talked one day about why he hadn’t gotten married yet…. and he said something along the lines of “I’m not sure if I’d make a very good Father”….. WHAT!!  Are you kidding?  I had already seen those qualities in him in the way he played with my nieces and nephews…. they loved him!  That was a quality that I knew he had….. and what a wonderful Father he has been.  Pretty sure my children would attest to that!  They adore and respect their Dad.  He’s always been loving, but firm…. but not harsh.  Always accepting and understanding.  He knows how important it is for people to learn from their mistakes and yet loves them in spite of all that.  (Kind of a Christ like attribute….right?)  I really wonder if any other man would have been as understanding and sweet with me as he has been……  I’m not the easiest person to live with.  I’m not sure I could live with me if I wasn’t me!!

My cute hubby.... John A. Copier

All I can say is it’s too bad all you women out there aren’t as lucky as I am!  And isn’t that the way I should feel?  You may wonder…… did I know for sure that he was perfect in every way before we got married?  Heavens no!  Were there things I was  a little apprehensive about?  Heavens yes!  But what a jewel he as become and is and was!   We all grow and develop as we mature.  And depending on our lives experiences and our attitudes…. we can become what we are meant to become!  Is he there yet?  Am I a there yet?  Good grief… no!  But we are ‘becoming’….  And loving each other only encourages those good qualities.  Becoming a selfless person is the ultimate goal for all of us.  It’s not always easy…. but we should be trying to improve daily.  It’s when we get caught up in ourselves that we stumble and not progress.  So thank you to the most wonderful man in my life!  Thank you to my loving husband John for being who he is and for helping to make me what I am!  I am Grateful!  How are you?

In Laws

Today I am grateful for In Laws!  The term ‘in laws’ encompasses a lot of people.  Not just parents, but brothers and sisters too.  And I have some great in-laws… on both sides of the family!  I appreciate their examples of being such good men and women….. hardworking and loving…  so many good qualities.  And what great families they’ve had!  So many fine nieces and nephews!  How much joy they bring to so many…..   But then theirs my mother and father in law….. oh… my…. goodness!  How blessed could one person be!  What great examples they are to me.  Full of love, kindness, charity and so many more qualities…too numerous to mention!    I love them so much.  They have always been so good to us and well as each of their children.  And what fun personalities they have too!  My kids have always enjoyed  being around their Grandparents.  I’m so grateful that my father in law passed on so many of his qualities to my husband.  He’s almost 91 and his mind is still sharp!  They would both give you the shirt off their back if you needed it.  Truly no finer people!

I am Grateful!  How are you?

Mr. B

If you had to name 10 of the most influential people in your life who would they be?  I’m sure that the list would be very different for each one of us.  We all have varied interests and experiences that would put people from all walks of life on our lists…. it would be interesting to compile a list like that….. just to see how varied it was!

For me…. probably one of the most influential people would be Mr. B.    Kim R, Burningham, my Drama and Speech teacher at Bountiful High.  He instilled in me a love for theater and the stage ….and a lot of confidence in myself.  I was blessed with many opportunities to play a lot of different characters in the musicals and even some plays.  And what a talented class we had!  I was grateful that Mr. B. knew that to the extent that he very smartly chose a musical our Senior year that offered LOTS of parts so he could give lots of people a chance to shine.  Wise man!  And what a fun show!  It has always been one of my best memories!  The Apple Tree.  I won’t get into what it’s about here in case you don’t know…. but just suffice to say that Mr. B. was wise enough to do his best to give as many people in our class as he could their ‘moment’ on stage.    

I’m not sure that it was a struggle for me to ‘come out of my shell’ in theater, but you could say that he he helped me to do that….. easily…. or maybe provided a platform where it was easy to do it and be accepted!    I’ve always been grateful that the theater gang was my biggest circle of friends during high school.  We had a lot of fun.  And we were crazy!  All you theater people out there know what I’m talking about!  We are a crazy, fun, uninhibited group!  I have to admit…. I don’t think I’m quite as crazy- fun as I was then….. but close!

I actually still remember a few of the things we had to memorize in speech that first year!  “Lias, Lias!  Bless the Lord!”  (there’s more to it than that…..)   In fact…. I kept those things for a long time.  I lent them to a brother in law that needed some material for a speech class he was going to be teaching at a Jr. High level.  Never saw them again!  I would love copies if any of you theater friends from high school read this and still have them!

Mr. B. knew how to bring the best out of you for a performance while making it fun.  But… I do have to admit…. we knew how to frustrate the man!  (Teenagers are good at that!!)  We also knew that he meant business.  I think one of the greatest gifts you can give a person is a chance to believe in themselves and encourage them as they grow into who they are.  Mr. B. helped do that for me. He was one of the reasons that high school was a fun experience for me!

What a great man!  Even after all these years he continues on in caring about education.  He is a member of the State School Board and does a lot to make sure our children get the education they deserve!!  Thank you Kim Burningham!

I am Grateful! How are you?

Being able to take a Shower

In conversation with some friends today, the subject of camping came up.  They were talking about girls camp and comparing the idea of being in a campground with showers and bathrooms vs. a Rough out camp….. where you have NO access to a shower and have to build a latrine……  It made me realize that I have been very blessed in my life!!  I can’t think of a time where I haven’t been able to take a shower for more than a few days.  I did attend girls camp….. but we were lucky enough to go to Camp Piutea…..  a girls camp with a lodge, cabins PLUS bathrooms with showers and toilets.  That’s not roughing it much, is it?  But I sure loved girls camp!  I’m sure having those luxuries had something to do with me loving it!   But I do love to take a shower…..  I actually don’t like it much when I have to hurry….. I like to take my time.  (I know…. that’s not being very conservative…)  I love the feel of that nice warm water just running down your back, the feel of squeaky clean hair and my favorite thing as of late is to end my

Oh.... I sing in the shower too!!!

shower with a luxurious ‘homemade’ salt scrub.  Mmmmm….. mmmm  LOVE how it make my skin so soft for several hours.  This dry weather makes my skin soak it up a lot faster….. but it still feels great.  I guess you could say that I just love the feeling of being clean!  This topic make me think back a bit like I did with my post about cars….. what must it have been like before indoor running water?  Man…. are we spoiled today or what?  I think each generation just gets more and more spoiled because they are raised with the conveniences that the former generation never had when they were young.  (i.e. for our generation… computers, cell phones…)  All things we take for granted now but are pretty much an expected part of life!  I think I’m beginning to realize with this blog that a lot of the things I’m grateful for are modern conveniences!  I guess that’s ok as long as I realize how much easier and blessed my life is because of them!  So what do you like about your shower?  Anyone out there have all those fancy multiple shower heads?  Now that must really be luxury!  I am Grateful!  How are you?

My Mom

Today my Mom turned 89 years old.  I thought this would be an appropriate day to say how grateful I am for her.  She has always been a big support to me.  And a big influence.  I suppose that part of my love for singing came from her example.  For as long as I can remember as a kid, she was a member of the Bountiful Sweet Adelines and also was in a Barbershop quartet called: The Classics.  They were good.  I loved to hear them sing.  I enjoyed attending their concerts and also hearing a few other quartets sing.  So….. the love of performing…. the love to sing…. I attribute to my Mom.  My Mother was always involved in some kind of music thing.  One of the things I remember was when she was Primary Chorister.  This was back when Primary was in the middle of the week.  Also before there was a regulated

Mom in the 1940's

Primary Song Book that was used.  We used to sing some fun songs for Holidays and such…. things that wouldn’t be used today.    She always had pictures and visuals for the songs, etc..  I just remember loving singing time in Primary with my Mom.  In fact…. I loved it so much…. that I would go home and play ‘primary chorister’ myself and lead the singing.  I’m pretty sure that my dolls were the primary kids.  I was good at using my dolls for that kind of stuff!  So… Mom had a big influence on me and my talents.

She was always there when you needed her.  I’m pretty sure she did her fair share of driving me and my friends around.  I also remember her being my ‘Room Mother’ a few times.  Those parties were always fun…..  She was always there to take care of us.  I remember she would make a lunch for my Dad everyday.  Most of the time she would deliver that fresh lunch right to him on the job.  He was a brick mason and usually worked in the Bountiful area so it made it easy for her to get it to him.  She always had a clean house and had her regimen of doing certain things on certain days.  I wish I could say that had rubbed off on me!!!  She’s always been a character and full of life.  Even what you might say…. a little feisty!  My friends used to love to come to my house just because she would harass them and make things fun.  She did have a habit of talking a little like J. Golden Kimball (which….unfortunately DID rub off on me!)  I used to be embarrassed by it, but most of my friends loved her because she was down to earth and just said things like they were.  Things were always fun when Mom was around.  It’s hard to see your parents get old!  She’s definitely not as healthy as she used to be.

Jen Bangerter

Diabetes can do a number on your body.  She has a great attitude though.  She really remains pretty positive most of the time, despite what happens.  It was an adjustment for her when we had to put her in an Assisted Living center.  But she remained positive and within a few days decided she like it there and soon had made many friends.  I don’t know how much longer she will be with us….. one never knows these things.  It’s been 4 years today since her stroke (yes…. she had it on her birthday!)  and 4 1/2 years since Dad died.  Sometimes I think she would just be happy to ‘go home’ to be with him.  Most of the time…. I think she wants to stay around to see her grandkids grow and succeed.  I will be grateful for what ever time she has left.  So…. Mom…. I love you and thank you for all you’ve done for me!  Happy Birthday!!  I am Grateful!  How are you?