April 17, 2012 — No More Gel!

Help me be strong!  I haven’t had very much success with Gel Nails on my fingernails for the last few months.  It seems to start peeling off WAY too early!  (At least, I think 2 weeks later is pretty early!)  My nails are so much weaker than they used to be.  Well…. so much weaker than they used to be several years ago.  They were cracking and breaking easily about a year or so ago…. that’s why I decided to give Gel Nails a try.  But…. after painstakingly getting the rest of the gel off this afternoon…. I am determined to let my natural nails grow back!  I figured, they’ve been so short, because they keep breaking even with the gel. for so long…. what’s the difference if they are short and natural?  At least that’s my thinking……  Any ideas to help them grow back strong and keep from breaking are welcome!  I saw my wedding photos the other day and longed for those beautiful natural nails in the pictures!  OK…. I have to admit however…. my toenails don’t seem to mind the gel….. so I’ll probably be getting glitter toes soon!


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