April 18, 2012 — Is This for Real?

I’ve been blessed to be friends with some well known people….. at least locally well known, plus a few others who are known a little more than locally.  One of those is a high school class mate who is the owner of a local sports arena here in Utah.  His lovely wife is also a class mate of mine.  We, a few of the class mates, had the opportunity today to tour the sports arena facility because we get to have our 40th High School reunion there next year.  They are graciously offering us their ‘internal’ discount on the facility and food, so it should make the reunion affordable for our class mates.  What a great opportunity!  We are so excited for this chance!  Not only did we get to see a good portion of the facility today, but Deb treated us to lunch in their private box…. which considering they are the owners, is pretty dang nice!  It was fun to sit and visit with her and other class mates as we discussed some of the things we want to plan for the reunion.  She is still the same wonderful nice person she was in high school.  And so is her husband…. even though he wasn’t there today… believe me…. he’s still the same old awesome Dave.  I feel blessed to have such great friends in my life and feel honored that they are allowing us to plan such a fun reunion!  It will be one we all will remember for years to come!


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