April 20, 2012 — Help Please!

I need to study and pray about how to handle a parent that’s starting to get dementia and being really ornery and unreasonable!  I’m not handling it very well and need to be a better understanding daughter.  Any suggestions for resources and help on how to deal with it would be appreciated!


3 Replies to “April 20, 2012 — Help Please!”

  1. Sorry you’re dealing with this Wanda. That’s so hard. One of my greatest fears it that I might someday make life difficult for the people I love the most. It’s easy to say this, but just do your best to try to remember it isn’t really her being ornery, but her disease.I know there are care-giver support groups around because one of my neighbors would host them once in a while. Good luck with that. You’re a great lady.

  2. We’ve been looking for the same info. ourselves. I think we don’t handle it very well because these are the very people who were so “with it” for so long. They knew everything and taught us what they knew. They were gracious and pleasant. It is just difficult to believe that they can’t remember things that are so “easy”. Or things that you’ve talked about many times. But they can’t. And it will get more and more difficult for them, and us, as the dementia progresses, making some very unreasonable. Just be sure to ask for help in care-giving. I didn’t for quite a while and almost went crazy. Other than that, I really don’t know. Just know that there are others fighting the good fight with you.

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