April 4, 2012 — Young Love!

Had one of the best days ever in the temple today.  It was such a joy to watch a young engaged couple look at each other with so much love and stars in their eyes.  Because I sat at the front of the session room today, I caught him looking over at her and smiling many many times during the session.  Even when she didn’t see it.  Love young love.  It even made me gaze at my sweetie lovingly during the session…… even though he never noticed me doing it!  Been married to him 33 years this Friday….. couldn’t ask for a better man.  I wish 33 years and more for the young couple in the temple today!  The only day in the temple better than today was when I knelt across the altar from my husband when we were married and I looked at him that same way!  Makes me realize I need to recall those feelings for him much more often!


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