February 27, 2012 — Watch the Labels!

Almost got tricked today!  I learned you need to have your thinking cap on when you are reading labels on food!  We had put some whole wheat tortillas in our cart at Costco and then went around the corner where they were serving cheese quesadillas using the ‘raw’ tortillas that you have to cook first.  We have used them before and love the ‘fresh’ flavor you get from them.  I decided to check out the label on them just for fun.  Well…. the first ingredient said “Wheat Flour”.  I got all excited and thought…. these are OK!  They are just as good as the other ones we had in the cart!  Then….. it dawned on me…..  it said ‘wheat flour’ NOT ‘whole wheat flour’.  Well, duh…. most flour comes from wheat, but not necessarily from whole wheat!  Guess which ones we bought?


2 Replies to “February 27, 2012 — Watch the Labels!”

  1. Gotta pick yer poison, these days… I still pick the raw ones because they are the only ones without antimicrobial preservatives – the whole wheat ones do, along with all the other cooked ones. It chaps me to have to choose between whole wheat and pure ingredients. We oughta be able to have both.

    Some day… 🙂

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