July 10, 2012 — Big Talk Done

Well…. I finally sat down with my Mom last night and had a long talk with her.  Though I had told her that I had been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma….. I hadn’t really explained what it was.  Now she knows.  We discussed the big “C” word and I told her what my options were and that this was a very curable kind to deal with.  I also told her I wasn’t sure I wanted to take the conventional treatment road yet.  It’s a matter of much prayer for me right now.  I was amazed at how well she dealt with it, considering all of her daughters right now are dealings with some medical issues.  We will all be fine, but it’s just a lot for a 90 year old woman to take!  Especially when she’s not in the best of health herself!  Perhaps this will be a time when we all draw closer because of needing to help each other through all of this!  I suppose it’s a blessing in disguise!


2 Replies to “July 10, 2012 — Big Talk Done”

  1. There are an abundance of thoughts and prayers being sent your way. God’s gifts come in many forms including medical innovations.
    We send our love from the “Great Northwest”.

    1. Thanks, Pat! I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers I can get. I’ve never been faced with such a hard dilemma or choice! This is not going to be easy! Love you guys!

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