July 11, 2012 — Tough Choice

I wasn’t excited or impressed or even felt that well educated after the ‘chemo’ class I attended today.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve done so much studying about the ill effects of chemo that everything they said only confirmed that.  It’s hard to say ‘no’ to something when the statistics for my type of cancer say it only makes sense to ‘poison’ your body with chemo this time.  But…. in my heart I still can’t make any sense of how anything that bad for your body can be better than truly taking ahold of your life by eating properly and taking the right kinds of supplements.  Needing your prayers to help me make the decision that is best for me!


6 Replies to “July 11, 2012 — Tough Choice”

  1. Wanda,
    Fill me in. I’m so sorry to hear that cancer treatment is in your future. Bert had his kidney removed in December with a 3″ cancerous tumor attached. You are right. What a scary word cancer and then chemo can be. You will be in my prayers. We just closed on a home in Kaysville yesterday! We will be back to occupy it in October! Love you, my friend. Linda

    1. I’m so excited you are coming home! It will be so good to see you! Thank you for your prayers and concern! I will be fine. I know it. It’s just deciding how I want to fight this. All the research I do leads me NOT to want conventional therapy. I feel confident in my homeopathic choices right now but I’m just looking for that confirmation I need to assure that it’s the best for me! I am working on a blog post that will give all the gory details! If you keep up with my Facebook page at all, there will be a link to it there! Hope Bert is feeling better and I’m sure your family is so excited to have you closer to them! I look forward to seeing you soon! Love you!

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