You know how you just go through everyday life sometimes wondering if what you do matters?  Or you get so consumed with your own life you forget others sometimes…..   Today I have been edified and amazed at the tender mercies of the Lord in an overwhelming amount of love coming my way.  I have been deeply touched by the fact that my life has apparently impacted other lives so much!  Who knew?  It’s truly a testament to me that I matter and that what I do does get noticed.  It makes me more aware of who am I am and gives me a better sense of purpose.  Even though there are days I wonder what that real purpose is really suppose to be!  Strength to carry on and know I have more to offer is a great blessing to me today!

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  1. Wanda honey. I have been out of town for a couple of days. Don’t know what is new or going on but you are always on my mind (maybe that is a song). Praying for you and with you that you will know the right choice for yourself. I truly do not know what my choice would be and I really, really can’t imagine what is going through your mind but my heart is with you. If you need to talk, call me and if I need to talk I will probably be calling you. Love you like a fat lady loves cake.

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