July 16, 2012 — Decision Day

Big decision day.  Knew it was coming…..  Spent a lot of time thinking about things and talking with my husband.  Had an amazing energy healing session.  Can’t even describe how it felt.  I feel great.  Made me think I really could do this holistically!  However, after a chat with my naturopath and my situation, I felt more at ease with accepting that perhaps I needed to do chemo…. even though I don’t want to.  No one does!   So there you have it.  I start treatments in the morning.


18 Replies to “July 16, 2012 — Decision Day”

  1. Best wishes, Wanda! That sounds like a great thing to do… You WILL beat this–you’re one tough cookie! Your great attitude will get you through… And remember we all love you and are praying for you! Love, Michelle

  2. I am so grateful you have made this decision. I know it is not the decision everyone would make,but for my Bob, it saved his life. He chose to both holistic and traditional chemo with his stage 4 cancer. 20 years later, he is cancer free. Love you Wanda. You will pull through this.

  3. So grateful that your naturpath docs are supportive of this decision. I believe that with the natural things you are going to be doing that the chemo will go better for you. Will be in contact when I think you are ready to talk, don’t want to bug but if you call me that will be ok too. You are so loved.

  4. You go, Wanda! My thoughts and prayers are for you. Your strong will and prayer and faith will carry you through. I have come to conclude that life is never what we expected it to be when we began it! But I have learned to trust that Heavenly Father sees the whole picture, even though we are looking only through our human eyes. Trust Him! I love you, my friend!

  5. I saw your site on “daily meditations” and immediately could relate to your post about judging as I realized recently this is a huge area I want to work on as well — I felt a connection — then I read about your diagnosis. I had stage 3 Hodgkins lymphoma — diagnosed 15 years ago this month! Wow — talk about a connection. Anyway, I live in Reno, NV and my oncologist was very optimistic as well and recommended I have treatment at Stanford where they study lymphoma. I was in a case study and received 12 straight weeks of chemo followed by 5 weeks of radiation. I also took steroids which help shrink the tumors. It was not easy, but they actually told me I was cured after a few months of regular check ups. I continued to have many check ups at Stanford for 10 years, but never had any problems. I’m sure your wonderful diet will help your recovery. I did have some side affects from the chemo and you can email me (Sherrie) back at hartman-se@sbcglobal.net, if you want more info. on this. I think it was wise not to do any research on the internet! I will say that zofran really helped with the stomach upset as well as nexium (I also took a lot of bubble baths which were soothing as well). I started a “Gratitude Journal” after my diagnosis which I believe was one of the best ways I was able to cope with this treatment. So you are way ahead of recovery! Take care, be good to yourself and you will realize even more blessings on this journey (that is what I refered to it.) Sherrie

    1. Wow! Thank you Sherrie! I’m sitting here as I respond to you just waiting to get my last drug of the ABVD treatment. I’ve feeling OK… tired… but OK! I know how much a positive attitude will affect all this and I truly believe the Lord was preparing me for this journey when I decided to start my Gratitude blog! It’s been an amazing journey and really does make me realize how lucky I am! I need to be better about posting regular gratitude posts. I committed to doing it daily for one year and I did! So easy to fall out of the habit and one I need to get back into! Recognizing any blessings (which are many) makes a difference!

      Thanks for your helpful information and for taking the time to connect with me…. amazing how paths and lives will cross!

  6. Prayers are being sent your way. I hope these next few weeks and months are full of grace. You know that the Bible Dictionary says that the main idea of the word is “divine means of help or strength, given through the bounteous mercy and love of Jesus Christ.” Remember, you can do hard things, because you have the gift of grace through the atonement of Jesus Christ. I love you

    1. Thanks, Jim. Most people do. Most are afraid not to go the conventional way. But I was not. It was just after some good discussion with my Naturopath that we felt both would be a good idea for me right now. My struggle now will be with really wanting to go through all 12 treatment because I KNOW in my heart this will be completely gone if a few months. I truly believe what I am doing in combination with the chemo will wipe it out much quicker!

      Love you so much and know that all you had in your heart was my best interest and I love you even more for that!

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