July 9, 2012 — Energy Healing

Had the opportunity of having an energy healing session today with a friend.  I had read the book “The Emotion Code” by Dr. Bradley Nelson and discovered this friend was a practitioner for his theory.  We had a good long session and I learned a lot about myself.  I’m finding that I’m holding onto old emotions which can be part of the problem with the what I’m dealing with right now physically.  I’m so grateful for her and her insights!  It was draining and yet refreshing.  I didn’t realize how emotionally exhausting the day had been till later tonight when I spent some time at the ball park in the heat.  Though sitting in the shade the entire time, I was still drained but noticed how much emotionally I had been drained when I got home.  I literally had to go staring to bed.  But, I’m ready to have another session!   I can see that I still have a lot to let go of.  I’d recommend checking out the book.


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