June 14, 2012 — Fly the Flag!

Sometimes I wonder if most of us remember or think about flying the flag on Flag Day.  For some reason…. the date has always stuck in my head.  So up the flag went.  I know many neighborhoods around here and many parts of the country have Scout Troops that put flags in their yard for several holidays.  A service for which we each paid a small donation to the troop.  A few years ago, our local scout troop decided to find another way to earn their needed funds and ‘sold’ the flags to the people who they had served.  Ours got destroyed somehow….. sadly.  But we bought another one that has its own pole that attaches to the front of the house.  I actually like it better.  I’m grateful that many of my neighbors remembered to fly their flags today.  I think its important to remember what the flag means and to fly it proudly every chance we get!


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