June 7, 2012 — Wanna Talk About Me!

I have a few neighbors that like to hold a little get to know you party when we have new neighbors move in.  The purpose of the get together is really to get to know the new people, but they like everyone there to take a few minutes to introduce themselves so the new people can get to know us.  Makes sense, right?  Well… the procedure was pretty much that the wives did the introducing of both the husband and wife and most people kept it short.  But then there’s my one neighbor…… I’ve decided he like to talk about himself and tell his life story.  He likes to go on and on.  I remember when they did this party for us 5 years ago when we moved in and the introduction part of everyone else seemed to take the whole night…. mostly because of this one neighbor.  Things haven’t changed!  I guess it’s just verification that people like to talk about themselves!


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