May 28, 2012 — Could I Get A Side of Hair With That?

So I guess eating at a little Ma and Pa place isn’t always a good idea….. Unless, of course, they come highly recommended.  I asked the waitress how their fries were and she said, “Pretty good” so I ordered my burger with fries.  First mistake.  I took one bite and didn’t like them.  They were lukewarm and very dry.  She happened to come by and asked how things were.  I told her the fries were bad.  She asked if I would like coleslaw instead.  I told her yes.  The next thing I know is she is grabbing my entire platter and taking it back to the kitchen.  Excuse me?   You can’t just bring me a side of coleslaw?  You have to take my plate back because you are afraid someone might eat a few of your awful fries?    Then…….. Get this.   THEN I discover a hair in the coleslaw she brings me!  Not only were the French fries bad….. It was the worst burger I’ve ever tasted.  Pretty sure it was made all from  pink slim. Awful!  So, not only did I not have fries, but I hardly ate any of the burger, which I was eating low carb style anyway because the bun was like a brick, but I didn’t eat the coleslaw either.   Yeah, maybe get a recommendation before you try an off the road Ma and Pa joint!  But we did get a good laugh out of it and got entertained by a little old man singing at the top of his lungs.  Best worst meal ever!


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