May 30, 2012 — Follow that Garbage!

I never thought I could be so entertained by a man over 65 chasing garbage.  Funniest thing I’ve ever seen and by far the most entertaining moment of our trip!  One of my husband’s team mates decided to be generous by asking the Umpire to wait a moment while he grabbed the plastic bag that was blowing around on the field.  Just as he started to reach the bag, a little wind gust came up that was swirling that bag around in circles.  It was hilarious to see him try and chase it!  Just as he’d come close, the wind would catch it again and sweep it out of his reach.  It was probably less than a minute long, but everybody in the stands and on the field was roaring with laughter watching.  You’d have think it was planned….  too bad none of us pulled out our video cameras and caught it on film!  Thanks for the entertainment, Rex!


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