14 — A New Year Begins!

December 31

Not much to tell about the last few days since treatment.

I was finally able to finish crocheting my Christmas gifts.  Thankfully my Sisters and Mom are patient that way!  I also was able to go to lunch with my good friends that I sing with.  We never seem to have time to do that as often as we’d like!  I told them, at the rate we get together…. I’ll have hair next time they see me!

It was nice to visit with them.  They really are my dear friends that I care deeply about.  We are each having our own issues and trials and I hope that this coming year will resolve all of those for each of us!  Onward and upward!

Yesterday we had a family party.  We used to have our family Christmas parties on Christmas Eve…. but once the family started growing and expanding, it got harder and harder.    So the last few years we have set aside the Sunday after Christmas to get together.  It seems to work out for most of us, but not all!  Still…. it was a good turn out and my Mom enjoyed it.  Even though it gets a little noisy and crazy…. she was still happy to see everyone.  It’s her birthday in 10 days, so she said this was a party for her to celebrate Christmas, New Year’s and her birthday.  That works for me.

I have, however, seem to have caught a cold.  I guess it’s not surprising since John had bronchitis a couple of weeks ago.  I’m just hoping I can fight this off to the point that I don’t have to delay any treatments!  I want to be done and don’t want anything to stand in the way of that!  I’ll just keep sipping away on my ASEA and hope that it will keep my immune system running well enough to get me by!

January 4

Spent New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day at home and was so grateful not to have to go anywhere!  I wasn’t feeling that great because of this cold….. but it was good to be in a warm house.  The weather has turned bitter cold here and I can’t express enough gratitude for the lovely warm home I have.  I’m so blessed and so often don’t acknowledge it!

Though my husband and I technically stayed up to bring in the New Year….. we were literally pretty much in bed by the stroke of midnight.  Too tired and feeling crummy….. we just wanted our sleep!

I’ve made several hats the last few days.  It’s been nice not to feel the pressure of trying to get a gift done and just crochet my hats!  I’m trying to increase my stash of hats for kids since it’s a long trip up to Primary Children’s Medical Center and that’s where I’ll be taking them.  I’ve made some really cute kids hats.  In particular, I’m fond of the snowman hat I made.  Which means I need to get them up there while it’s still Winter!

I made a hat for my Mom for her Christmas gift.  She doesn’t really need it…. but she is always complaining about being cold… even though the temperature in her room feels like it’s 80 degrees!  I figured if she had a hat there and could put it on when she’s cold, that would help to warm her up.

The day I dropped it off to her she decided to keep it on and wear it down to dinner.  Well….. now there’s a bunch of ladies in her Assisted Living place that think I should make them one!  Not sure how I feel about that.  I tried to tell the one lady the other day that I was just doing them for cancer patients.  Then I was told about how everyone in her family had died from cancer.  Her husband, son, daughter….. on and on.  Does that qualify her?  I suppose….. but I really don’t want to ‘start’ something I’m not sure I’m willing to finish!

Wednesday, I opted not to work in the temple since I still wasn’t feeling well with my cold.  However…. I had made a lunch date with a couple of high school friends and I didn’t want to miss it.  Jim was really looking forward to celebrating his birthday at lunch with us.  Thank heavens for Alka Seltzer Plus Cold medicine!  It made me feel well enough for a couple of hours so I could enjoy lunch with them.  It’s great to get caught up and amazing how we all face our own challenges!

Yesterday I started to try and take down Christmas.  John brought up some boxes from the basement so I could get a start on it while he went and helped our son with some repairs on a rental unit he owns.  Tree decorations are down and put away, but the tree is waiting for John to take it down.  I’m hoping today to get most of the rest of it put away since hubby should be around to help.

It still amazes me how doing so little can wear me out so much!  Trying to go up and down the stairs is hard enough…. but to do it often and carrying boxes almost seems impossible!  But we’ll get it done!  Even if it takes a few more days!

I’m looking forward to this year being a MUCH better year for me…. particularly in the health department!  Now that the Holidays are over and most of the ‘sugar’ is gone from out of the house….. we can get back on track with a healthy diet.  We’ve been terrible the last few months and my weight is proof of it!

One thing I have to say….. I’m very grateful I haven’t had the problems with food tasting yucky in my mouth.  I know that a lot of people who under go chemo have a metal taste in their mouth when they eat and it makes it hard to eat.  I’m grateful I haven’t had to deal with that.  Just another blessing.  It would have been better for my weight staying off if I had….. but I’d much rather enjoy my food!  We’ll get back on track and lose some of this unhealthy weight.  I plan to get VERY healthy this year and that will be just part of it.

I really need to get some exercise but it is so bitter cold here I have no desire to try and walk.  Also…. the air quality is awful right now with the inversions and such and that doesn’t help when you have a cold!

I do have to say I’ve been feeling a little better the last couple of days.  I’m amazed at how well my body fights things off considering my immune system is low.  I’m sorry if I keep saying this….. but I truly believe that drinking ASEA is making a world of difference in how I handle all of this.  In the past…. ASEA always helped me to never get colds.  With a weaken immune system, it’s helping me fight them off or at the very least shorten their stay!  I can’t imagine going through what I’ve been through without it.  If your looking for something that could make a major change in your health, you may want to check it out.

January 8

Well… it took a couple of days, but I finally got Christmas down and put away.  John helped a lot with carrying boxes up and down the stairs.  I still need to finish getting my storage room put back together, but at least Christmas is down.  However…. I didn’t have the strength to get the house cleaned from the mess!  It took till yesterday to finally do that.

However…. I have to say…. I’ve been feeling pretty good the last couple of days.  Better than I’ve felt in a while.  It gives me hope and encouragement that I can make it through these last couple of treatments without too much trouble.  I was pleasantly surprised that vacuuming didn’t wear me out like it has in the past.  I was even able to move furniture to vacuum underneath by myself and really felt pretty good after.  Much better than it’s been!

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to know I am on the countdown for the end of these treatments!  I go in tomorrow for treatment #11 and it feels good to be able to tell myself that treatment #12— the final one — is only two weeks away!!!!  I’m so ecstatic about it I can hardly stand it!

The way I’ve been feeling the last couple of days makes me know I’m going to get there and it won’t be long.  I look forward to knowing that in 2 weeks it’s all uphill and I’ll just keep feeling better and better each day!

I wish I could say the same for my Mom.  Gosh this last little while has been hard.  She is SO done!  She just wants to die and can’t figure out why she can’t.  Her health is declining and she is getting more feeble.  The worst part, however, is seeing her attitude change.  She’s always been pretty positive about things.

Yesterday, I spent several hours with her.  It was nice to finally feel good enough to do that.  She seemed pretty good, considering she’d taken another fall the other day.  It’s frustrating that she feels that she doesn’t get the response she needs when she pushes her button for help so she just ends up trying to do it all herself.  She’s done amazingly well considering how weak she is getting…. but it really is frustrating not being able to depend on the response of the Aides.  Part of it is a staffing problem, part of it is they aren’t available right when she needs them.  That’s why she just doesn’t even try.  I’m not sure what the answer is.

I’m so grateful for my sisters.  Especially Sherrie.  She has been extremely devoted to taking care of my Mom and her needs.  Not only is she in charge of her medical situation and finances….. she is dedicated to making sure Mom is OK.  I haven’t been a lot of help in taking that burden off of her the last several months.  We’ve always felt like Mom needed a little extra help and really wants to be visited.  (Even though half the time you are there she is sleeping….  At least when it’s a long visit.)  My oldest brother pretty much always gets in a morning visit and then my sisters and I were taking the evenings.  At least till all this hit.  Now it’s been up to my two sisters to do it pretty much without me.  I know it’s been hard on them and very stressful.  I’m so grateful to them and grateful that I will be feeling better soon and can get back in that cycle.

Of course…. who knows how much longer Mom will be around.  If she has her way, it won’t be much longer.  Her 91st birthday is tomorrow.  That’s a pretty good mile marker.  She’s had a wonderful life.

Along with putting Christmas away… I’ve also been doing more crocheting.  Surprise!  My plans are to make a trip up to PCMC this week and deliver these kids size hats I’ve been working on.  Right now, I only have 5 hats to take for the adults in my cancer center.  I’ve been concentrating on getting kids sizes done, so I don’t have many adult sizes.  But that’s OK!  It will be nice to get these delivered.

I’ve had fun making them.  I’ve made a few character ones to take with me and I’m excited about it.  I have two different owl hats that are so cute and a snowman hat to take along with the one Angry Bird hat I had left from the boutique.  I’m excited for the kids to have them.

This weeks drop will put us well over 100 caps in my quest to donate 100 caps for chemo.   I’ll continue making them for as long as I can.  I really do enjoy it!  As the weather warms up…. I don’t think crocheted hats will be the first choice of what to wear on a balding head!  I’ll have to think of something a little cooler!



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