16 — I Rang the Bell!

January 20

Another rough day.  I wanted to get to church this week.  Once again…. taking a shower and particularly getting dressed was exhausting to me!  My energy is just zapped!  I can’t imagine how I would have felt if I had any hair to style and worry about.  🙂  We only made it through Sacrament meeting again.  I knew before I left that was going to be all I could do for the day.

I took a good long nap.  After getting up, I had John help me make some dinner.  We had defrosted some Pork chops a few days earlier and they needed to be cooked.  I’d found a recipe on Pinterest for stuffed chops that I wanted to try, but I knew I’d need his help.  I didn’t want to go through what I’d gone through yesterday making my salad!

They turned out great.  Just as we were getting them out of the oven and starting to eat, our youngest son Nate came by.  I offered to share mine with him because I knew it was a lot for me to eat  but he said he hadn’t eaten that long ago and he was fine.  We did have some extra Brussels Sprouts that he nibbled on.

It was a pretty relaxing day other than the energy zap I’d had earlier in the day.  Of course, I got some crocheting done!

January 21

As far as I can recollect I took it easy and got a lot of crocheting done!  It just seems like I’m doing so well when I sit here and then I feel guilty that I’m not doing something else and when I try….. I get zapped again!    I’ll be so glad when I can get back to normal in a few weeks!

January 22

I was supposed to go Visiting Teaching this morning, but once again after I took a shower I was zapped with no energy.  I sent a message to my companion that I wouldn’t be coming.  After resting for a while, we decided we needed to get to Costco because our produce supply was getting low.  We were running out of things we needed to make our Green Smoothies, plus we like having fresh fruit and veggies around to snack on.

We decided to make the trip earlier in the day with the hopes that I could get an electric cart.  They seem to be hard to come by at Costco.  I just don’t understand why they don’t have more units available at that store.  I think they have like 3 units and it’s a VERY busy store!  We thought by going earlier in the day I would have a good chance!  NO such luck!  I was kind of appalled by that.  Luckily they still had a wheel chair available.  The hard thing with that is it’s ME pushing the shopping cart while John pushes me.  Which is fine if the cart doesn’t get too heavy!  Luckily today our pick up was pretty much just fruit and veggies and a few other things that weren’t heavy.  Still…. it’s kind of a pain because sometimes the wheels on the wheel chair get caught on the wheels of the shopping cart.  But we made it.  I was jut grateful that I didn’t have to walk it all.  On the bright side…. I will be able to RUN through the store in a few weeks!  Yeah!

After getting back, I was tired.  Even though I didn’t walk the store.  I was starting to get worried that my blood counts were getting low and that’s what has been causing all my problems.  I just don’t want anything to stand in the way of me getting my last treatment tomorrow!

I had a coaching call I needed to get on at Noon, so we made it back in time with only about 15 minutes to spare.  At least I’m sitting in my chair during the call!  It was a good call.  I’m grateful I’m going through this coaching right now.  Even though I haven’t had the energy or motivation to really start implementing some of the ideas… I know that I will soon!

The rest of the day was just spent relaxing, and….. crocheting!!!  And, anticipating my last treatment tomorrow!

January 23

This is the day I’ve been waiting for!  I get to ring the bell when I’m done with my treatment!  Yeah!  I made it!  And with flying colors I might add!

As I came to the office today and checked, there was a couple in the waiting area that we had met during one of my sessions a few months ago.  She looked wonderful.  She had finished her treatments back in November so she’s had some time to recover.  She truly looked stunning.  Her hair has started to come back in but I was so impressed with how wonderful her skin looked.   Her eyelashes are long and dark and beautiful.  As I was talking to her, she told me that she only uses Coconut Oil and Almond oil on her skin and hair.  She feel’s like they have helped her eyelashes grow.  It made me glad that I use coconut oil so much on my skin!  I was so encouraged by what I saw and look forward to all of that improving in the coming weeks!

My appointment was quite late.  It wasn’t until 2 pm which is pretty late to start an appointment with treatment involved.  So, instead of sitting in the doctors office for a long stretch (cause he takes time with his patients… which I love…)  they took me right back to get started on my treatment and then would take me into his office later.  Since our meds are hooked up to a portable unit, I could sit in his office while I was being treated.

As crummy as I’d been feeling, I was starting to get worried that my blood counts would be too low for treatment… but thankfully they were not!  So everything was a go!

I dropped off 13 hats today.  I also donated one to a cancer patient in California.  My son had connected with a guy through the Cougar board at BYU that said his sister had just been diagnosed with cancer and was looking for ways to cheer her up.  Nate told him I would donate a hat to her so I did!  I put in a note of encouragement to her too and gave her some contact information.  I hope to hear from her sometime but I was still glad to to it anyway.  So, with that hat and the 13 turned in today, that takes the total of hats donated to 132!!!  I still want to keep going for many reasons.  I enjoy it PLUS I want my own total of hats made to reach 100+.  I’m getting close!

I left my business card with one of the nurses today and told her to give me a call when the hats start to run low.  There are lots of them there right now because of the time of year.  I get a little more concerned about it when the weather warms up.  She said the patients sill love them then.  I think I’ll try to start making them out of cotton yarn so that they won’t be as hot to wear during the summer months.

We met with the doctor to discuss what was next and to also review my CT scan I had on the 18th.  He said things looked really good.  My scans were good back in October too but he said that the lymph nodes had reduced even further.  He felt really good about everything…. didn’t even bring up the possibility of radiation and basically said we’ll see you in 3 months!  He also thanked me for being a ‘good sport’ and going through with treatment.  He knows how much I didn’t want to do chemo!  I told him it was because of the late stage I was in that made me decide too, and that there were a LOT of people that DID want me to do chemo, so he had a lot of people on his side!  So I will have visits with him every 3 months to check on how I am doing and we will do CT scans every 6 months.  I told him I was on a quest to get really healthy this year and I expected nothing but the best for my future!

My last med finished dispensing while I was in his office, so when I came out it was time to get me unplugged and send me home!  It was about 5:30pm by the time we got done in the office so there were only 3 nurses left there to cheer me on ringing the bell!  I was so hoping to have a room full of patients to cheer too!  They told me to come back and ring the bell again after my Nuelasta shot tomorrow…. and I think I just may do that!  I still had my husband record me ringing the bell and doing my happy dance, even if there were only a few people there to see it!  Maybe I’ll post it here at the end.

I started to feel yucky after I’d been home for a while.  Which is typical for treatment day.  John had turned the heat down when we left and we forgot to get on my phone to program it to turn on before we got home… so the house was a little cold, but I tend to start with some chills for a while after treatment anyway.  So I bundled up in some blankets.  I finally ended up turning on the fireplace just to add some warmth too.  John had to go Home Teaching for a while, but we had warmed me up some soup before he left.  He was only gone about 45 minutes or so.  After he got back I was just laying back in my chair and ended up falling asleep.  I slept for about an hour and 1/2 and woke up very warm.  I thought maybe I was starting with the sweats, but once I got all the blankets off, I cooled right down.   By then, it was really time for bed.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep after such a long nap.  It did take me while to fall asleep, but I eventually got there.  I don’t think I got the sweats quite as bad this time as I had the last few times after treatment, so it was nice.

January 24

I woke up this morning feeling much better than last night.  I suspect as the day goes on I will feel even better.  I’ve had a little headache the last few days but I think a lot of it comes from needing an adjustment.  I haven’t felt well enough to get out to my chiropractor.  Since his office is in Bountiful…. it’s a little harder to get to quickly and I always feel like as long as I’m there I need to stop and visit my Mom, so it becomes a long trip.  Hopefully next week I’ll feel good enough to make a run out there.

I went in to receive my last Neulasta shot today.  These are given to force your bone marrow to produce more white blood cells.  Primarily it’s duty is to make sure your blood counts remain up so you can receive your next treatment on time.  Obviously, I don’t need it for that purpose this time, but I have been feeling better after treatments since they started giving them to me several months ago, so I wanted this last shot to help me stay that way.  Even as rough as it has been with the energy level with receiving the shots, I was really nervous as to how I’d be if I didn’t get it!  It’s covered by insurance so I figured I might as well.

Thank heavens for insurance!  I’m so grateful I had it before my diagnosis!  With it being the first of the year again, that means we have to pay my deductible and my maximum out of pocket expenses again.  Yeah…. that was pretty much met after the first treatment of the year on Jan 9th!  It’s fun coming up with $3500 all at once!  But I’m sure grateful I don’t have to pay the rest!

We went in a little earlier than scheduled for my shot today since our son was wanting his Dad to help him with his car again today.  I made John come back a record me ringing the bell again.  Unfortunately, even though there were patients there, I didn’t get much applause!  😦   Oh, well!  I did it Gangham style that time just for fun!

So after my shot and picking up one prescription, I dropped John off at Jon’s house.  I stayed for a few minutes and then stopped a couple of places I’d been wanting check out since they were right on the way of the drive home.

I’ve been feeling pretty good today.  I did take a short nap, but all in all I’ve been good.  My legs have felt a little wobbly, but I’m sure that will subside.  It felt a little strange today to not to even pull out any yarn or look at patterns!  LOL.  I need to get over the need to spend so much time crocheting!  I asked my hubby today,  “Now what am I going to do with myself?”  He replied,  “Something that requires you to move!”  Well, that’s great, but aside from getting back to a little exercise everyday, what did he have in mind?  His response… “I don’t know”.  Yeah… me neither!  But I have a TON of things that need to be done around the house and I’m looking forward to having the energy to do them!  I have so much cleaning and organizing and de-cluttering to do it should take months!   And it should keep me moving!

I’m looking forward to starting to feel so much better!  I’m not sure how much of the normal stuff I’ll have to go through to get there….. but I’m hoping that now I’ve had a conversation with my body and given a promise to it that I won’t poison it anymore….. I’m hoping that it will just decide to skip past some of the icky and move on to feeling better!  Time will tell!

I will keep you posted on what goes on in the next few weeks.  I don’t know that it will be a daily run down.  We’ll see how I feel!  In the meantime…. I thought you might enjoy seeing the video we took of me ringing the bell after my last treatment.  Yeah!


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