19 — What To Expect

I thought it might be interesting for some of you to know ‘what to expect’ while going through chemo.  Though I realize that everyone is different and people receive different kinds of chemo meds, I thought I’d share with you what I go through.  It seems to have gotten into a ‘rhythm’ of reactions.  Some of this may be more details than you want to know…. but I still wanted to explain it.

Treatment day usually begins with a visit with the Oncologist or a Physicians Assistant.  They ask how you are doing…. if any side effects are getting worse, do you need any meds refilled, etc.  If I had scans done, we would go over the results of the scans… but that was only a couple of times.  Most of the time was spent asking how I was doing, If I had any concerns.  Occasionally, if my appointment was late in the day, they would actually start me on chemo and then take me into the doc while I was getting treatment.  Most times, however, I met with the doc first.

Once the meeting with the doctor is done, you are lead back to the area where your chemo is administered.  The area consists of many reclining chairs as well as other chairs for your visitors to sit.  Depending on how busy it is… you can pick where you want to sit.  We had a few times where we were lucky to get a chair!  I guess sometimes people have had to wait for that!  Luckily we didn’t have to do that.  Each chair has a portable IV cart with it.  This makes it so when you need to use the restroom you can roll your IV cart right in there with you.

Once you’ve picked your chair and settled in, a nurse is assigned to you to give your your ‘poison’.   Before they start with chemo though, they will run blood tests to make sure that your blood counts are high enough that week to handle it.  If you have a port, which I did… the first thing they do is access your port.


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