20 — 7 Months Out and Cancer Free!

I’ve been neglectful in updating everyone on my health.  I meant to do it after my 6 month check up….. but I got busy and forgot!

I guess the fact that I’ve been busy should tell you something, right?  It’s ALL good!  When I went in for my 6 month scan, the news was great!  I am Cancer Free!  Technically, I suppose that’s what you call being in remission.  Let’s all jump for joy now.  Wahoo!

I have hair now, well over an inch long.  I no longer need to wear wigs or hats or scarfs, which is SO nice!  Especially since it’s been a hot summer.  However… I still plan to crochet many hats to donate.  Some will be donated in honor of my Mom who passed away in March.  She was an original member of the Women’s Endowment Committee that started the Festival of Trees here in Salt Lake City.  I promised her I would donate some hats to the Festival of Trees.  Since it’s a fundraiser for Primary Children’s Hospital…. in a round about way…. I will be helping cancer patients there!  But, I plan to keep donating to cancer centers too.  It brings me joy.

One of the best things about being this far out of treatments is how much better I feel!  I have energy now.  I can accomplish things.  It’s so nice.  It’s funny….. I don’t think I realized how bad I was until I started to feel better!  I mean…. I got frustrated because I would tire quickly, but I didn’t realize just how tired I was till I could do things without getting tired quickly.  Funny.

I’ve started back into Real Estate.  I had taken a hiatus for a few years and now I have a fire under me to do it again.  I’ve forgotten how much I love helping people find and sell homes.  Including myself!  We are looking to sell our condo and get back into a home, so it was a perfect time for me to start back up again.

Since we had/have a few projects around the condo that never quite got completed with our remodel… we’ve been busy getting those done so we can get it listed.  We’ve also been helping our kids and parents with some of their projects, so it’s taken more time than we anticipated to get done.  Hopefully within the next two weeks we can get it on the market!  That is, if we don’t get pulled away by everyone else’s projects!  It’s all been good.

In a nutshell…. I am doing well.  I’m happy and grateful and so excited to be moving forward with my life!  We’ve had many wonderful things happen in the last couple of weeks that I will be blogging about, so stay tuned!

I don’t normally posts pics on this page…. but I thought I’d show you my hair.  This was taken the end of July.  I have since had a slight hair cut that was mostly for shaping.  It’s come in with a slight wave, which is great.  It’s easy to take care of.  Just happy to have hair!

six month hair


2 Replies to “20 — 7 Months Out and Cancer Free!”

  1. Congrats of being cancer free!! I read your blogs about your journey with cancer and was greatly inspired by them. You had an amazing attitude through it all and I appreciated your many wise thoughts. I didn’t want to do chemo when I went through breast cancer 5 years ago with everything I studied, but when I fasted and prayed on what to do, I too received a very powerful answer that I needed to do it. Knowing I was doing what Heavenly Father wanted made all the difference as I went through the thick and thin of it. My hair came in really curly and I had last all color. It suddenly went totally straight after 2 years. Crazy! I wish you the best and MANY years of good health!!

    Deb Young Legge

    1. Thanks, Deb. Remaining positive definitely helped me get through it easier. I’m sorry you had to go through nasty chemo too. It sounds like you did your homework like I did. It’s hard to feel good about it when you’ve studied the other side. Thank heavens for confirmations to feel OK with it! That made it much easier to endure! God bless you and many years of health to you too!

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