08– Soaking Up Sunshine….. AND Rain!

I have to say…. my life seems pretty easy.  At least as far as I’m concerned.  I feel so blessed.  When it comes to trying to remember what I did from day to day and the word ‘chillin’ comes to mind….. I think I have it pretty easy!

Oct. 5th — took advantage of the Columbus Day sale at JoAnn’s today.  Since my goal is to donate 100 Chemo Caps to the Cancer center…. I wanted to purchase lots of yarn at a discount!  It was actually a little overwhelming when it comes down to it.  Even though I had my “Chemo Caps and Wraps” book with me and a whole bunch of patterns I’d printed off the internet…. I was overwhelmed with choices!

I didn’t have much luck finding the exact type/brand of yarn each pattern called for or even the colors, so it was hard to decide on a suitable substitution.  I decided it’s a lot easier to just have one or two patterns in hand and a mission to just get what you need for those!  But I did well.  Besides the sale on the yarn, I picked up several Simplicity patterns for $.99 each.  Some of them are patterns for fleece hats.  They are so cute!  Who says what I donate has to be crocheted or knitted?  NO ONE!  So I may make a few of those too!  Anyway…. my trip paid off.  I spent more than I had planned… but since my total was over $75 I got to use the $25 off coupon. So, basically…. I bought well over $100 worth of stuff for about $50!  Not too shabby, I’d say!  Lots of projects to work on now!

Saturday, we were able to go attend my nephews wedding in Farmington.  We picked up my Mom first since no one else was able to bring her.  She was so glad we did.  It was a very sweet wedding performed in a lovely back yard.  Very nice setting.  It appears that two families will be blending together very well.  I’m so happy for him and his children!

Sunday we left for St. George.  We didn’t get away quite as early as I had hoped.  It’s amazing how much time packing can take.  And I don’t mean the clothes part!  That was done the night before.  It’s all the other stuff you have to remember to take!  We didn’t get on the road till about 11:30 am.  That’s about and hour and a half later than I hoped…. but it worked out OK.  We were able to listen to most of the morning session of conference at home before we left.

This is our time in St. George each year.  My husband plays softball in the Senior Games and this is pretty much our vacation.  Though most of it is spent playing ball…. we still have time to have fun and socialize with the team and friends down here.  We have some friends on the team that share a condo with us while we are there.  It’s so much fun…. and SO much nicer to have a condo to stay in as opposed to a hotel room!  The cost is pretty cheap when you share it with someone else.  My nephew has a business that manages several rental units at the Las Palmas condo resort in Green Valley.  He gives us a little break on the price, but honestly…. it’s not that bad and for the convenience and niceties that come with it…. it’s worth it!  Check it out if you are looking for a place to stay in St. George sometime.  Click here for more info.

This year, we were only able to stay one week.  We usually stay down for both weeks of the games, but because I needed to get back for a treatment…. we only stayed one.  Man….. was it hard coming home yesterday!

John plays on two softball teams that first week.  Same team manager, same name…. just two different age groups.  This year was kind of frustrating because the 65 yr old team ended up with games close to the same time as the 60 yr team, but in two different parks located far apart.   Makes it kind of hard to play for both teams that way.  The first two days, the preliminary or seating games, we didn’t have conflicts, but when the actual tournament started on Wednesday…. that’s when we had problems.  Fortunately, they had enough players to field two different teams, but since they needed John on the 65 yr old team…. we didn’t get to play with the 60 yr team that first day and lets be honest….. that’s the fun team to play with.  They are just a better team and it’s more fun when the team is good.  Plus…. the 65 yr old team got put into a skill bracket WAY above our level…. which really made us stink!  That team was eliminated the first day.  Next year the team will be much better because we have several players from the younger team eligible to play.

We did have about 45 min or so of time to go watch the first game of the 60 yr old team before we had to leave for the 65 game on Wednesday.  Now that was an experience!  It’s not the kind of thing I wanted to witness…. but I’m glad I was there to be able to see one of our team mates in action.  We had just finished the top of the first inning.  A guy on the other team had just made a great catch of a fowl ball to make the third out.  He was walking back into the field and got to the third base area and collapsed.  Our short stop, who happens to be an EMT went over immediately.  They called 911 and sent the medic that was at the park on the field.  However, I don’t think the medic had much experience.  When Lee got over there (that’s our team member…), the man was not breathing and had no pulse.  He immediately started CPR on him.  With a lot of effort, he was able to revive him, but then he stopped breathing again a few seconds later.  Lee started CPR again on him.  My understanding is that by the time the ambulance got there (which felt like forever…. I guess it does when you’re in the moment!)…  Lee had the man breathing again before they took over.  After a couple of close scares, including watching the man’s poor wife standing there….  they hauled him off in the ambulance.  The update we got on him the next day was that he had a quadruple bypass performed.  Two of his valves were completely blocked.  When he woke up the next morning, his wife asked if he knew who she was…. and he did!  So that’s a good sign!

We were not able to stay for the rest of the game…. but what an experienced to witness!  It IS the senior games after all…. and I understand it’s not the first time an athlete has collapsed during the games!  How grateful I was that Lee was there!  The man would be dead if it were not for him.  He was there in the most critical time for revival.  AND…. he did an amazing job.  He just kept up that CPR without trading off with anyone else.  We were so proud of him and so grateful that he was there to help.

Unfortunately, the 60 team lost that first game.  I don’t think anyone’s head was completely in the game after that.  But, it was probably better that the other team won.  We think they did it for their team mate George!

So, while we were at the other park with the 65 team getting our butts spanked…. I received a phone call from my daughter.  I mentioned in my last post that my son, Jon had been diagnosed with testicular cancer and that they had found a lump on his kidney too.  Today was surgery day for the lump.  The hope was that the lump was contained and could be easily removed and that no further treatment would be needed for either the kidney or the testical.    Praise be to the Lord…. that’s exactly what happened!  We are so grateful!  Jon won’t have to do chemo or radiation.  He will only need yearly scanning to make sure everything is all well.  How blessed we have been as a family!   If you’d like to read his whole experience…. and it’s lengthly…. you can click here to see his post on Facebook he made to update family and friends.

So Wednesday was a good and a bad day!  Full of good games and lousy games and good news and bad news that turned out good!  Yikes!  What a day!  Losing a few games in NOTHING compared to losing a life or having part of your kidney removed!  Just grateful it all turned out well.  We wish George the best and hope he has a continued long life!  And we are grateful that Jon will have a long life too!

Thursday, the 60’s team played very well…. despite the rain.  We scored over 50 runs in the two games we played that day!  Sadly, the rain was relentless and made it so they canceled the medals rounds games on Friday.  They just ended up giving medals according to wins and loses.  Since we lost our first game in the tournament, we ended up getting the Bronze.  At least we medaled, but most of the team felt we could have possibly had the Gold and for sure the Silver.  But what do you do when you can’t play?  It is what it is and well take what we got!  At least we had the rest of the day off to play!  Which for me was spend back at the condo crocheting and relaxing!

I made two hats while I was there.  I worked on a third one with a pattern that was not working.   I mean really not working!  Pretty sure it was not correct.  I kept playing around with it trying to make it work and finally gave up and started on one that went together really fast.  I liked the first one I made so well that I decided to keep it for myself.  Don’t worry…. the original cloche that I made for me that got this whole thing started is getting donated!  I just like this one better!  Besides…. I have enough yarn to make another one.  I am having fun creating hats!  I have 12 to donate now.  That leaves only 88 to go!!  Good thing I have people helping me!!!

We loved our week in St. George.  The weather was beautiful most of the week.  It was just Thursday and most of Friday that was rainy.  The company was fabulous!  We love our softball friends…..  There was only one thing missing!  My dear friend from Arizona was not able to come this year!  I was so sad!  This is our only time to see each other and we look forward to it!  Her husband plays on our 60’s team and was able to come though so at least I could feel her vibes through him…. but it’s just not the same!  Missed you terribly Miss Lyn!

The beautiful weather  returned on Saturday…. and it was hard to know we were leaving!  Before we left, we enjoyed a great breakfast with our friends and then decided to make a quick trip to see if we could find an office of a friend of John’s.  His wife wrote a book called “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die”.   We used to have a hard copy of it and haven’t been able to find it since we lent it to someone and I can’t remember who.  I purchased the ebook version a few weeks ago and had just finished reading it, but I feel like it’s the kind of book that you need a hard copy of for all the references and the script, etc..  So we went to see if we could find him.  Amazingly enough, we pulled in the parking lot when he walked out the front door.  He was getting his mail from the front office because he had just been moved to the back of the building because another business was taking over the front part.  We probably never would have found him otherwise!  Luckily… the timing was perfect!  We asked if we could get a copy of the book, expecting to pay for it and was handed four copies for free!  He gave us ‘blemished’ copies that had been returned from the book stores.  I guess when the books fall off the shelf and get a little nick or scratch, then the store seems to think they can’t sell them and send them back to him.  So…. lucky us got a few of those!  He also gave us the laminated purse size reference guide that goes with the book.  I’m so excited for that!  When I mentioned that I would have to pick up a copy of her newer book….. he handed me one of those!  Talk about being blessed!  I have a few people I want to share my extra copies with!  So grateful to be able to do that!

That was a great start to our Saturday.  We then came back to the condo…. I took a little time to finish a hat I’d been working on then went in to pack up to head home.

In case you can’t tell from the activities of this week….. I’M FEELING GREAT!!  It’s been so nice to feel pretty much normal!  It made the trip so pleasant!  And it was so nice to get away from it all!  Someday we will purchase our own place down there and most likely turn into Snow Birds!

We are back home now and I will be heading to my 5th treatment on Tuesday.  I suppose my next update will let you know how all that went!  In the meantime…. I’m feeling very blessed and very grateful!


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  1. As usual my friend I loved your blog and I want you to know I missed you too. It looks like February is going to be our time. Love you, love you, love you.

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