03- Walking, Resting and Lots of Dogs!

July 19th — The day started off pretty good.  Had some breakfast but then needed to wait a while for it to ‘digest’ a little before I felt like I could go for a walk.  But the walk went pretty well.  I had a faster pace than I’ve had in a while.  We made it all the way to the first doggy poop station on the trail.  Not that that matters…. it was just a marker to get to.  I was hoping to go further, but my body told me otherwise.  I was pretty tired by the time we got home.

I laid down on the couch to catch my breath and let my legs do the throbbing thing that happens after a good walk for me.  About 1/2 hour later I got a surprise visit from my RS President and one of her counselors.  We had a nice visit.  I assured them that I knew I was going to be fine.  We talked a lot about all the other things I’m doing to help with this, including explaining a little to them about ASEA.   Our RS Presidents adopted daughter has some issue I think it could help with.

My sister, Shawna, had surgery today.  She had one of her parathyroid glands removed.  She hasn’t had insurance for years and has felt miserable.  Luckily, she found herself a great guy and got re-married last November and now has some insurance.  The surgery went well.  I just kept updated from my other sister Sherrie so I didn’t have to bother her too.  Having just gone through some surgery myself, I know it can be annoying to keep getting calls and such when all you want to do is sleep!  So I let her rest and told her by text I would call in the morning.

Spent the rest of the afternoon just chilling and taking it easy.  I wanted to go support a friend in a one night preview of a show of hers that is going to NYC next week, so I wanted to have energy to go.  We left about 6:15 to head to Murray.  I enjoyed the show.  It’s hard to say that I think it would be a big hit….but the story had heart and she seemed to have pulled together a decent cast.  I wish them lots of luck in NYC!  You never know what will happen!

I was very tired when we got home and went straight to bed.  Been fighting a little acid indigestion these last few nights.  Not sure what is causing it.  Never had the problem before.  Need to see if we can nail this one down.

July 20th — Didn’t sleep well last night.  I woke up around 2 am an went to the bathroom.  For the life of me I couldn’t fall back asleep!  I lay there for about 4 hours and finally started feeling sleepy…. just as the rest of the world is waking up, including my husband and the dogs.  It was hard to sleep with some noise going on.  Not a lot of noise…. but enough that I noticed.  I think I finally feel asleep for a short while but not long.  I finally got up just after 9 am.

After John fixed some breakfast, I realized it was too hot to walk already.  The heat kind of zaps me.  So, no walk today!

We get to babysit the grand puppies this weekend.  Fun, huh?  Normally I would say yes… and though it will be alright, I have let the dog noises bother me more lately…. especially when they come during nap time.

I sent my husband to Costco to get dog food and a few other things since we were almost out of food.  Feeding 4 dogs goes through a lot of food!  I knew the supply we had wouldn’t get us through the weekend.  Then he went and picked up Patty and Lucy from Jon’s house.  So now we have 4 dogs with us.  My daughter said she’d come get Daisy, but they are getting along fine.  It will be alright.  I only worry about the sleeping arrangements!  I don’t think 4 dogs on the bed will work well!  Luckily, Scooter has been sleeping on the floor a lot lately.

I called to check up on my sister Shawna, to she how she was recovering.  She seemed to be doing fine.  I’m so glad.  I really think this is going to make a difference for her!  She just needs to give herself time to recover now!

I was planning to go out the the Bountiful Handcart Days Parade tonight for a while.  My Mom is back in Heritage Place which is right along the Parade path, so they always have a party for the residents and encourage family members to come and watch the parade with them.  That was my plan….. but since I didn’t sleep well…. I was feeling pretty tired.

Mandy also wanted me to go shopping with her to finally get her a birthday present since we hadn’t done that.   I hopped in the shower hoping to be able to do that before heading to Bountiful.  I realized while showering how tired I really was.  So…. unfortunately I just had her come pick up some cast and sent her shopping on her own. I felt bad, but she understood.

So I took a nap instead with the hopes that I would awake in time to still get to Bountiful.  Technically I was suppose to be to a rehearsal later too.  It was just a review of a song that we had already rehearsed several times and I am only in about 30 sec of the number.  I didn’t wake up till just before 5.  Since my plan was to be in Bountiful by 5….. I kind of messed up on that one.  I was still feeling tired and a little weak, so I tried to call my Mom to let her know I wasn’t coming after all.  She didn’t get to her phone in time so my sister called me back, since she was with her.  I gave her the message.  Then I decided that rehearsal may not be in my best interest either.  Unfortunately, my counterpart is out of town, so that left them with no one to cover for our part…. but I think they’ll be fine for one night.  I promised to make it in the morning.  It’s just another review of the same thing.  I think I just need to rest.  Hopefully I’ll get it with a house full of dogs here!

I finally stopped to texted a good friend in AZ to find out how her surgery went that day.   She’s had a pretty interesting week….. I won’t get into it here….but between knowing she was having surgery and a life changing decision made by her daughter can be pretty stressful!  Wish I was there to help her!

July 21st — No… didn’t sleep again.  Even after all the dogs settled down (which I think was literally around 2 am) I still couldn’t sleep.  I don’t know why my brain won’t let me rest!  Arggg!

Got up at about 7:45 am.  Figured I better get to rehearsal, even though I was dead beat tired!  I was disappointed when I went to the  cupboard and didn’t find any Chiro Cleanse Tea there.  I thought I had some.  It dawned on me last night that that would be a much better option to take for my constipation that chemo seems to have caused than the Senecot they were recommending.  Since I had no Chiro Cleanse, I fixed a cup of Ginger Digest Tea.  I grabbed what was left of the Green Smoothie I couldn’t finish yesterday and a bottle of water…. and a few crackers and took off for rehearsal.

I’m not trying to complain, because they’re were others missing and it would have been hard with more of us gone…. but it’s just one of those songs that I am literally in for 30 seconds.  It’s hard to get excited to drive 40 miles for a 45 min. rehearsal….. But I survived!  It’s OK though, because it gets me out to the Bountiful area so I can go visit my Mom.  I was also hoping that I could get a hold of my niece and see if she had any Chiro Cleanse at her house.  I usually get it through her clinic, but they aren’t open on Saturday.  Luckily, she had some at home so I was able to pick up a whole box.  I’m very happy about that!  I think it will bring me some much needed relief and hope that it will make me sleep better too!

I also took a quick stop by the AVON store while I was out there.  Unfortunately they didn’t have everything I needed, but at least I got a start so I’m not completely out of face cream now.  Headed straight for home, stopped for some gas before I got here and was ready for nap.

I stopped and fixed me something to eat.  I decided to try and go downstairs to nap.  Thinking that the dogs would be up here with my hubby, I could hibernate in my daughters bedroom and get some rest.  It kind of worked.  I think I actually did sleep for a while, but again, my mind kept going and I did hear some noise from upstairs on occasion, but still more restful than it had been.  I may just sneak away there again tonight and leave my hubby with the dogs.  That’s not very nice, is it?  But I really need a good nights rest without dogs waking me up….. etc..

Been resting this afternoon, catching up on email and such.  Not loving this sore throat and ear ache that seem to want to come.  I haven’t been sick in a long time that way!  Time to kick up the ASEA again!  I may just have to get right back to the 16 oz now.  I need to fight this thing off!

Enjoying the evening watching “On The Town”….. nice break from resting!  I love old movies!


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