30 Day Challenges

Oh there’s oh so oh so many things I want to accomplish in my life!  I thought perhaps a 30 day challenge to focus on some of those things would be good for me!  The challenge will change every now and then.  Once I complete one 30 day challenge, I’ll take on another one…. maybe not within the next 30 day period…. but I will try and tackle something new!  Feel free to join me in any of these ventures!

Challenge #1 — Drink only Green Smoothies  Start date:  January 17, 2012

This will be an interesting challenge.  We have been incorporating green smoothies in our diet for several months now…. but to drink ONLY Green Smoothies will be an interesting journey.  You can read more about this challenge on this link.

Challenge #2 — Daily Prayer

I hate to say that this is not a very good habit of mine!  But I took on the challenge to become better at it!  You can read more here

Challenge #3 — Drink Enough Water

Oh how important this one is!  It’s still a challenge for me!  Somedays I do well…. others….not so much?  Do you find it hard to drink all the water you should?

See more about my own challenge here

Challenge #4 — Why I LOVE My Condo

So….. sometimes when you think you want to move…. you have to step back and realize how lucky you really are to be where your at!  Hence this challenge.  It really is a lovely condo and a lovely community!  Read about the 30 things I found out I loved about it here


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