Princess Dreams

Today I ran into Ross Dress for Less for a quick minute.  I was walking up and down the isle with the dresses when several young girls caught my attention from the next isle over.  First I heard one of them exclaim: “Oh, this is the dress I want!”  And then more along the same lines like, “I’ll wear that one to my party!”,  or  “I’m so rich… I’ll have this dress!”  

I was taken back to a time in my memory when I was a kid.  That whole age of make believe.  Imagination.  It reminded me of looking through the Sears Catalog as a kid and picking out my dream clothes and my dream boyfriend!  Did you ever do that?  Now those models were hunks and it was quite a nice dream!!  One that any kid would love to have.

Did you ever dress up and pretend you were going to a Ball or some other special place?  It pretty much made you feel like a Princess, didn’t it?  I know my daughter always wished that we would have lived in a big two story house with a grand staircase in the entrance that she could make her decent down when her date came to pick her up on prom night.  A nice Princess entrance.  A split entry home doesn’t have quite the same effect!

Why is that we don’t allow ourselves those Princess dreams as we get older?  Ironically….. one of my favorite websites, Meditations for Women, had an article today addressing this very issue!  It was titled “Turn Back the Clock”

“There is a princess inside every woman.”

When a girl is young, she carries her dreams in her twinkling eyes. She is convinced that there is a princess, a very attractive princess, living inside her.

With time she becomes sober and gets enmeshed in the realities of day to day life. Slowly that little princess becomes a distant memory. Then, one day, even the memory vanishes.

A time comes when she scoffs at the idea that a princess is within her. What? A PRINCESS living inside this straggly, gangly, fat, shabbily dressed, pale frame? Not possible!


However, she is buried underneath the pile of worries, pain and misery. She can be freed if you believe and search for her within you.

So, turn back the clock. Remember that little girl who used to look into the mirror and dream wonderful dreams? Become that girl again.

Don’t allow the present to kill the beauty within you. You are STILL that strong, independent, joyful human being you left behind. The little princess within you has just lost her way. Help her come back.

I want her to come back!  I say….. let’s have a grown up Princess party!!  We can all come dressed as our favorite Princess (or Prince, as the case may be…..) and watch the movie Enchanted together!  (I wonder if the rats and birds would clean my house!  ) There’s nothing wrong with a little childlike enthusiasm once and a while!  It’s OK to look in the mirror and dream those dreams!  Reality doesn’t have to be so bullish all the time!

It really is a shame that most of us seem to let go of childhood dreams way too early.  I’m not talking about living in a fantasy world here…. I mean, we just seem to lose faith in ourselves and think that we can’t accomplish some of the things we always wanted to.  Yet, I’ve seen people never give up on a dream.  I’ve seen them pursue it till it came true, even when no one else seem to believe in them.  Those are people with heart and tenacity.

Perhaps there just comes a time in your life when you finally feel you can make some of those dreams come true.  Some things happen along the way and that spark of dream starts to glimmer again.   I have a few things glimmering right now.  I have some dreams that I feel will come true….. And I can be a Princess in those dreams if I choose!

I'm such a bad Mom! This is as close as Mandy ever got to a Princess costume! But isn't she precious!

I’m grateful for being reminded by some very cute young ladies today that it’s OK to have Princess dreams.  I’m grateful for an article from Meditations for Women that confirmed that belief.   I say it’s time to plan that party and you’re all invited!  Which Princess or Prince will you come dressed as?

I am Grateful!  How are you?


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